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Navigating the Dating World in Your 30s

Katie Lemieux
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Are you in your 30s and getting tired of the dating scene? Are you dating to find The One? Do you want to settle down already?

I hit 30 and was committed to finding my life partner. I was tired of dating.

I wanted the commitment, a person I could lean on and experience life with, and I was frustrated about not finding The One.

I enjoyed my dating life, but I was ready to settle down.

It was Memorial Day weekend and I was spending it at a friend’s house. I remember sharing with my married friend how I was longing for finding my life partner.

“Finding your life partner” seemed like some silly, dreamy slogan, but I wanted it!

I remember her husband abruptly grabbing my hand, pulling out a chair, ripping off five pages of a small legal pad, grabbing a pen and sternly saying, “Sit down and write ALL the qualities you want in your life partner.”

I was a little taken aback, but with the coaxing from my friend and listening to the story of their love, I thought to give it a shot.

“If you are currently dating,

make a list and be specific.”

I filled up almost all five pages.

I was clear and specific about what I wanted and was looking for. I even established the date I would be find this person – June 2008.

I took the list and hung it on my mirror, and every day I would look over the list to manifest this person in my life.

Some days I did it haphazardly, other days I would roll my eyes not really believing in what I was doing and some days I really put my heart in it and experienced my life with The One.

June was close around the corner and I was looking around wondering when my special person was just going to walk into my life. I kept dating and visualizing the list.

It was October of 2008 and I realized for the first time I did find The One – back in June!

We had joined a kickball league together and started hanging out casually, and our love didn’t blossom until much later that year. My life partner is now my spouse and EVERYTHING on my list.

If you are currently dating and dating to find The One, make a list, check it twice, be specific and feel the feeling of being with this person. You too will find your special someone.

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