Nayara Springs Curates Luxurious Honeymoons

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Nayara Springs Curates Luxurious Honeymoons In One Of Costa Rica’s Most Stunning National Parks 

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The Short Version: The perfect honeymoon combines quality time, relaxation, and a little bit of adventure, and Nayara Springs has it all. Nayara Springs is a luxury resort nestled in the rainforest of Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano National Park. Albert Ghitis works on the Sales & Marketing team for the resort, and he told us all about the stunning resort’s highlights for couples planning a honeymoon. Part of the Nayara Resort Family, Nayara Springs offers an adult-only experience complete with fine dining, elevated accommodations, an award-winning spa, and unparalleled proximity to Costa Rica’s abundant and diverse natural landscape.  

Engaged couples get all kinds of wedding advice. And advice varies. You can ask the same question and get a different answer from each source. Some wedding planners will tell you to devote as much of your budget as possible to food, while others will tell you to focus on entertainment. Your family might push you to splurge on your dress, but online advice may encourage you toward a more economical option.

With so much advice coming from every direction, it can be difficult for couples to discern what they – not their families or wedding planners – want. Sometimes, couples can get lost in the planning and neglect one crucial component of the nuptials: the honeymoon. 

The honeymoon is the part of the wedding event that only the couple experiences, and, if you want my advice, the most appropriate area to splurge. The honeymoon is a magical time where couples get to soak in every wonderful aspect of their commitment before they have to return to their everyday responsibilities and routines.

Regardless of what couples choose for their honeymoon, it should be a time when they can just focus on enjoying time with each other. 

If you’re looking for a combination of abundant nature and world-class luxury from your honeymoon, Nayara Springs in Costa Rica is the place for you. Nayara Springs is an adult-only luxury hotel in the rainforest surrounding Arenal Volcano National Park, home to Costa Rica’s most active volcano. Part of Nayara Resorts group, the hotel offers couples unparalleled experiences with food, nature, and relaxation.

Albert Ghitis works on the resort’s Sales & Marketing team. He filled us in on the resort, its stunning natural surroundings, and how couples can get the most out of their honeymoon at Nayara Springs. 

“All of our resorts are in natural destinations, from the rainforest of Costa Rica to Easter Island,” Albert said. “We’re passionate about sustainability and, more recently, wellness, and we incorporate both of these into all of our resorts. Nayara is special because of all the culinary experiences we have for couples to enjoy.”

Nayara Springs Makes Honeymoons Magical – And Delicious

Nayara offers many different destinations for couples celebrating their recent nuptials, but Albert said Nayara Springs would be any honeymooner’s dream. “Romance and food are the bread and butter of Nayara Springs,” he said. “The hallmark of the hotel is that the standards for the culinary experience are very high, and couples have a lot of different experiences to explore.”

Nayara Springs has a “zero kilometers” gastronomic philosophy. It is proud to serve world-class, inspired cuisine made with locally sourced and seasonally appropriate ingredients. The resort’s goal is to get to “zero kilometers” of distance between fresh ingredients and the kitchen.

William Weiss is the Executive Chef at Nayara Springs’ signature fine-dining establishment, Amor Loco. He comes from a family of restaurateurs and trained in numerous Michelin-starred establishments in France and Morocco. After exploring cuisines in Bora Bora, Australia, Canada, and beyond, William found his way to Nayara Springs, where his culinary approach is characterized by sensitivity, precision, and boldness.

nayara springs gastronomy
Nayara Springs is proud of its award-winning culinary program.

At Amor Loco, couples can go on a culinary journey across Costa Rica’s provinces through seven unique courses. They can discover iconic local meals plus Chef William’s innovative takes on traditional dishes crafted by applying French and Japanese techniques to the local cuisine. Amor Loco’s interior is vibrant and warm, complete with rich dark wood walls, plush armchairs, and colorful ceiling lanterns. 

Mis Amores, another fine dining option on the resort, showcases authentic and refined flavors from Northern Italy. The menu is sourced and inspired by traditional family recipes and includes wood-fired pizzas and a live-cheese pasta dish prepared table side. The light and airy outdoor atmosphere of Mis Amores makes it perfect for an early dinner surrounded by the flora of the Costa Rican rainforest.

Albert said Nayara Springs’ private dining experience is what draws many honeymooners to the resort. Appropriately named Besame Mucho, or “kiss me more,” the experience gives couples a private space, a candlelit table, and a personal chef who brings them on a bespoke culinary journey. 

Every interaction with food at Nayara Springs is special, whether at a swim-up bar or the morning coffee spot. The resort offers a wine-pairing experience at Nostalgia Wine Bar, signature cocktails at the Cielito Lindo Swim Up Bar, and world-renowned Costa Rican coffee at Mi Cafecito Espresso Bar. 

Discover Arenal Volcano National Park In Style

Honeymooning couples stay in one of the resort’s Spring Villas, which include a private terrace, outdoor shower, and spring-fed plunge pool. The villas are 1,500 square feet and feature exotic touches, modern amenities, and natural wood and stone architectural details. Every detail of each villa has been carefully attended to to create a remarkably bespoke experience.

“The area we’re in is very popular for ecotourism. There’s incredible zipline canopies, rappelling, white water rafting, all kinds of nature and adventure.”

Nayara Springs allows couples to relax or explore on their own terms. Some couples want a honeymoon full of adventure, excitement, and new experiences, while others may be looking for rejuvenation through relaxation. If you’re the adventure-minded type, Nayara Springs offers a variety of guided excursions, tours, and cultural activities.

outdoor adventure at nayara springs
Explore Costa Rica’s flora and fauna at Nayara Springs Resort.

The Mystic Hanging Bridges tour is one of the resort’s most popular. The four-hour excursion brings couples into the heart of the rainforest, beginning from the ground level and journeying up through a series of trails and suspension bridges.

The tour is just under 3 miles and includes 10 fixed bridges and 6 hanging bridges. A dedicated guide points out notable species of plants and animals as the group explores the diverse elevation levels of the forest.

Couples don’t have to leave the resort to encounter Costa Rica’s landscape. Nayara Springs is home to a sloth sanctuary, where couples can spot sloths among the trees from the resort’s trails. The hotel’s in-house team of professional naturalist guides can help couples find sloths and other wildlife around the property.

High-adventure seekers can raft down the Sarapiqui River, kayak on Arenal Lake, or rappel into the national park’s canyons. Nayara Springs also offers walking tours to the foot of the Arenal Volcano and a nighttime tour through the diverse ecosystems surrounding the resort. Couples can spend their days discovering remote waterfalls, colorful amphibians, towering trees, and ancient volcano craters and then return to the resort to recharge.

Where Innovative Hospitality and Abundant Nature Meet

One of the best places to recharge at Nayara Springs is the spa. Open-air spa treatment pavilions are surrounded by rainforest on each side, creating a secluded and serene environment. Couples can partake in daily yoga sessions or opt for one of three private couples’ spa experiences, with options for massages and facials.

The Unforgettable Nayara is the resort’s signature beauty ritual for couples. The treatment lasts just over two hours and includes a Swedish massage, hydrating facials, and Jacuzzi therapy. The Escape to the Rainforest treatment includes a hot stone massage and a private rose petal Jacuzzi overlooking the rainforest. Both of the two-hour experiences begin with a traditional sea salt foot soak followed by three treatments with two therapists.

nayara springs spa
Relax and reconnect with your spouse at Nayara Springs’ spa.

Nayara Springs aims to connect guests with Costa Rican culture through cuisine and cultural activities. Couples interested in learning about one of the country’s largest exports can go on the Chocolate and Coffee Tour, where they’ll learn about the history of coffee in Costa Rica and witness the process of making the drink, from seed to cup.

Nayara Springs offers couples the opportunity to do nearly anything they envision for their honeymoon, whether it’s traversing a hidden waterfall or lounging on a private terrace. A stay at the resort isn’t just a vacation – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that guests remember forever. And that’s how honeymoons should be.

Out of all the stays and experiences Nayara offers, Albert said that Nayara Springs was the best destination for a honeymoon. “It’s our most romantic property,” he said. “There’s a sense of privacy that makes it perfect for honeymoons. Not to mention the food.”