Ohmibod Advocates For Sexual Health With Music Driven Vibrators

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OhMiBod Advocates for Sexual Health With Vibrators That Help Users Feel the Music

Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Music can have an aphrodisiac-like element to it, and the right song can greatly heighten sexual pleasure. OhMiBod syncs music with its vibrators to create multisensory self-pleasure experiences. OhMiBod was founded by Suki Dunham and her husband Brian in 2006 and has since grown into a company advocating for self-pleasure, sexual health, and destigmatization of conversations about sexual health.

Sex toys have a storied and fascinating history. Archeologists have identified an object dating 28,000 years ago that could have ostensibly been used as a sex toy. The highly polished, phallic stone object was discovered in southwest Germany by archeologist Petra Kieselbach. While the stone could have had many uses, some archeologists hypothesize it was used as a sex toy.

Women in ancient Egypt would wear or display phallic jewelry and statues as signs of fertility. The ancient Greeks are said to have produced and sold the first documented dildos called olisbos. Olisbos were made from softened leather, stuffed with wool, and polished to be smooth.

Sex toys have been part of the human experience for a long time, and attitudes toward them often mark greater societal attitudes toward self-pleasure. Our modern society still struggles with taboos around masturbation and sexuality as a whole. Sexual wellness is integral to personal health, and leading sexual health experts strongly advocate for mainstream and destigmatized conversations around sex.

ohmidbod logo
OhMiBod was founded by Suki Dunham in 2006 after Christmas gifts from her husband inspired her. The gifts were an iPod and a vibrator.

Suki Dunham is using a music-driven vibrator to push sexual health talks into the mainstream. Suki founded the vibrator company OhMiBod with her husband Brian in 2006, inspired by the potential in multisensory simulation. OhMiBod is the creator of the original music-driven vibrator, which can be connected to personal devices, including phones and tablets.

The vibrator will sync up with the music, connecting the beats to vibrations to create a twofold sensory experience. Suki told us about her company’s mission to push sexual health into the mainstream. “I thought it would be really cool to put music and vibrators together,” Suki said. “We sat on the idea a little bit, and then decided to give it a go.”

How OhMiBod Founder Found Her Groove

Before Suki and Brian were leading OhMiBod, Brian was working for a corporation in China and doing a lot of international traveling. Suki and Brian had successful careers in corporate America, but when the two started a family, Suki decided to stay home with the kids for a while.

It was the holiday season of 2004, and Brian was traveling a lot. He gifted Suki two very special Christmas presents that year – an iPod and a vibrator. “Brian was traveling a lot and wasn’t around,” Suki said. “After I did all the mom and household things, it was hard for me to feel sexy at times. But music would also lift my mood and change my mindset.”

Suki was on the phone with Brian one night and shared her experience with the vibrator-iPod combo. The two agreed a product that combined sexual pleasure and music could be successful and effective in helping people discover more about their sexual selves.

suki and brian dunham
Suki and Brian Dunham have been in the business of vibrators and sexual health for almost 20 years.

The couple spent the next two years developing the first OhMiBod vibrator. Suki told us that she and Brian made a stellar entrepreneurial team, looking into different manufacturers until they found a good fit. They wanted to create the highest-quality and easy-to-use products for all bodies, genders, and abilities. The pair eventually developed a few sample vibrators and presented them to the sex toy industry.

The ball really got rolling for OhMiBod when a sex and relationship writer for Wired.com noticed them. Through this connection, OhMiBod received widespread attention, and sales grew. Suki said that when they launched OhMiBod in 2006, they could have never imagined the success of their product over the last 15 years.

Since 2006, OhMiBod has updated its original technology to keep up with modern developments. Suki and Brian offer dozens of products for all kinds of folks and are advocates for sexual wellness. Part of the company’s values is the importance of vibrators and other sex toys in improving sexual health, well-being, and confidence.

Pairing Audio & Sensory Pleasure

OhMiBod offers a wide range of vibrators for individuals and couples. The product has come a long way from just sync to music. Many OhMiBod vibrators have smartphone and app compatibility. Users can connect their vibrators to their phones and gain access to full controls, partner controls, and music syncing.

Foxy is one of OhMiBod’s newest vibrators. It’s a small, wearable toy designed to be a snug anatomical fit. The toy is app-enabled and is fit for music connection in Club Vibe mode and partner play. OhMiBod’s signature Velvet Wave technology, providing a pillow-like, soft to the touch experience for a comfortable wear. Not to mention, the Foxy features a cluster of soft silicone bristles for the perfect perineum pleasure.

The Lumen is OhMiBod’s top-of-the-line app-controlled plug. Men’s Health remarked, “The Lumen vibrates along to any music you want – and it’s amazing.” The Lumen also uses Velvet Wave technology and has a cushioned ridged silicone plug. 

foxy vibrator
The Foxy vibrator is a small, wearable toy equipped with Club Vibe and partner play.

OhMiBod offers various sex toys, including wearables, anal plugs, rabbit-style dildos, and toys for partners. In recent years, OhMiBod has focused on making products for all kinds of people, regardless of body, gender, or ability. The company strives to make its products accessible and pleasurable to use for any interested customer.

Partner toys include the Lovelife Share Couples Vibrator, which is wearable and great for increasing pleasure during intercourse. The toy is splash-proof and has seven vibration patterns and a USB charging cable. The couple’s vibrator is made from body-safe, phthalate-free silicone. 

No matter which OhMiBod product a person or couple decides to purchase, they can be sure of its high quality and durability. Besides that, OhMiBod vibrators are diverse sex toys that can be used in versatile ways. Sex toys encourage exploration and discovery, and the highly customizable and smart technology-driven OhMiBod vibrators only make it easier.

Changing Mainstream Thought About Self Pleasure

OhMiBod is making high-quality vibrators while advocating for sexual health. Suki told us about her recent experience speaking at a summit for the Sexual Health Alliance. “My section of the conference was about running a business in the sexual health field,” Suki said. “I was obviously so honored to be there.”

Suki told us about the struggles OhMiBod has had as a business. The Dunhams initially worried about how their business venture — and the stigma around masturbation and sex toys — would affect their children and their relationships with family and friends. They worried about what their neighbors and acquaintances would think. Suki said her family kept a low profile in a small town to avoid bad encounters, but she is still disappointed that the industry is often misunderstood.

ohmidbod app connection
OhMidBod Bluetooth-enabled products pair perfectly with iPhones and Apple Watches for simple app use.

While sex toys are often critical parts of a healthy sex life, they are rarely discussed in day-to-day life. Sex toy manufacturers also have advertising limits to ensure that ads are only being shown to age-appropriate audiences. There is a whole different set of rules, expectations, and procedures in business in the sex industry, and OhMiBod has had to navigate those throughout the entirety of its existence.

The business aspects of OhMiBod are important to Suki and Brian, but what’s more significant to them is how vibrators and sex toys fit in conversations about healthy sexuality. There’s nothing perverted or naughty about using a sex toy. Vibrators can be incredible tools for all kinds of people to explore their bodies, desires, and preferences. For Suki, vibrators are a facet of personal well-being.

“We’ve had so many customer success stories that really stick with us,” Suki said. “To know that your product had a profound impact on someone’s life is a special thing.”