Peach Skin Sheets Offers Couples Breathable Luxury

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PeachSkinSheets® Offers Couples Breathable, Luxury Sheets at Affordable Prices

Hayley Matthews
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The Short Version: One of the easiest ways to improve sleep is by making your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Many couples choose to put PeachSkinSheets on their beds to encourage a cozy night’s rest. The breathable, dual-brushed sheets are popular around the country with those who appreciate a soft, luxurious feel at a reasonable price. PeachSkinSheets is a family-run business that grew from a kiosk at a Georgia mall to become a booming ecommerce operation in just seven years.

Karen Levine knows sheets. In the 1990s, she became one of the first bed sheet PowerSellers on eBay, and used her product knowledge to connect with customers and develop a trusted brand. Her sales prowess allowed Karen to stay at home with her kids as they were growing up.

After her kids left home, Karen started looking for a new business venture. That’s when she saw an untapped market within the bed sheet industry: high-quality, easy-to-care-for sheets under $100.

The PeachSkinSheets logo

PeachSkinSheets grew from a mall kiosk to a global brand in just seven years.

To ensure that the niche hadn’t been filled, Karen began doing her research and ordered a wide variety of sheet options on the market. Most had to be washed over and over again until they were soft enough to sleep on. Other sheets weren’t breathable, so people would wake up to warm, damp spots. And if the sheets didn’t have either of those problems, they typically cost between $200 and $300, which was too high for most couples or families.

When Karen found that the product she envisioned didn’t exist, she decided to create it by launching PeachSkinSheets in 2013. The sheets she created are soft, breathable, and sell for less than $100 a set. Color was also an important factor, so Karen designed vibrant sheets in colors like Lavender Mist and Mint Julep.

Since the beginning, Karen has worked hard to build and grow the business. PeachSkinSheets started out in her garage, before she attracted enough of a following to move to a kiosk at a mall in Georgia. But soon, the company’s reputation grew nationally, especially among couples, and Karen decided to take PeachSkinSheets online.

“We just celebrated seven years in business,” said Tammy Bethune, PeachSkinSheets Business Development and Marketing Manager. “And our whole team is passionate about the product. We all have PeachSkinSheets.”

Customers Can Try Out the Sheets for 30 Days

PeachSkinSheets differentiates its product in three main ways. First, the sheets are made from SMART fabric, a type of material often used for athletic wear that wicks moisture away from the body and helps regulate temperature. Many couples struggle with temperature, and some people may overheat during the night.

“Night sweats are a common problem. For some it’s hormonal, for others it’s a reaction to certain medications, and some may even experience it because of illness,” reads a blog post on the PeachSkinSheets website. “Then there are those of us who are just naturally hot sleepers.”

Photo of PeachSkinSheets product

Before she founded PeachSkinSheets, Karen Levine couldn’t find affordable sheets that had a luxury feel.

The sheets work by both allowing air to flow through the fabric and releasing moisture, rather than trapping it, within the fibers.

Further, the “peach skin” part of the company’s name comes from the finish on the sheets. They are brushed in a way that makes them feel like 1,500-thread-count cotton sheets. But they don’t wrinkle or pill like similar sheets.

The sheets come in more varieties than others of the same quality. The colors are also brighter and more vibrant, allowing couples to match them more closely with their bedroom design.

The uniqueness of the product and its color variety are why PeachSkinSheets offers free swatches so interested customers can decide which sheet sets they want.

“You can get a sample of one or all the colors. It allows customers to see the colors in their own homes,” Tammy said.

For instance, if you’re looking for the right red in your bedroom, you could order swatches of both Red Velvet — “a warmer, bolder, brighter red with no blue undertones,” according to Tammy — or Deep Crimson Red, “a true cranberry with deeper, cooler undertones.”

The Company Generates a Buzz

The key reason for the success of PeachSkinSheets is the company’s devoted following that appreciates both the sheets and the company’s marketing style.

One of its most popular promotions is the “Colors of the Month” program. Each month, the company chooses three colors and drops the price from $85 to $65 on its regular size sheet sets. Split king and duvet cover sets are also lower in price. For instance, in April, the Brushed Silver, Cotton Candy Pink, and Lavender Mist sheets are part of the monthly discount.

The company is also very pet friendly and engages its customer base by sharing plenty of animal photos. Karen regularly brings her German shepherds Ana and Diesel into work to serve as the company’s Chief Security Officers and understands how much people like to show off their pets.

That’s why PeachSkinSheets features pets of the month. Each month, the chosen pets “model” the sheet colors. In April, a Persian Mix cat named Tapioca showed off the Cotton Candy Pink sheets, while a Siberian Husky called Antaeus modeled the Brushed Silver sheets.

Photo of PeachSkinSheets pet of the month photo

PeachSkinSheets features pets of the month that model with its products.

“People love to see that coming out every month. Sometimes the pets are from our influencers and sometimes they’re people who uploaded a picture on our website,” Tammy said.

The company’s profile also increases with positive reviews from high-profile industry experts. Lauren Phillips, a writer for Martha Stewart’s Real Simple magazine, said she couldn’t find better sheets, despite reviewing comfortable and expensive sheets as part of her job.

“My dear mother bought me a set of PeachSkinSheets — the sheets she had recently started using — and I’ve been hesitant to sleep on any other sheets ever since. Even now, when I write about and test some of the most comfortable sheets out there for my job, I always go back to my PeachSkins,” she wrote.

PeachSkinSheets Has Built a Devoted Following

Seven years ago, Karen started a company out of her garage. Now, PeachSkinSheets has devoted customers throughout the world who won’t consider any other sheets.

Tammy suggested that Karen’s love for the product is what helped the company expand so quickly. During that time, she made product modifications based on what her customers wanted.

“Karen is very passionate about the product, and she continues to improve things that we hear customers talk about,” Tammy said.

With that goal in mind, PeachSkinSheets has a top-notch customer service team. If customers have an issue with a product, they can get in touch via chat or over the phone. Representatives then aim to solve the problem quickly. If enough customers provide feedback on the same issue, Karen will modify the sheets.

“We’re very customer-service focused. After getting this feedback, Karen has made some product enhancements to the classic line,” said Tammy.

PeachSkinSheets also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but most customers are happy with their sheets, as demonstrated by the company’s many five-star reviews.

Ultimately, Karen and her PeachSkinSheets team put in so much effort for one simple purpose: to create an exceptional, affordable product.

“We want happy customers,” Tammy said.