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Peak Beverage Transforms Weddings with Personalized Bar Service

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: While couples often pay detailed attention to their wedding food catering service, they usually treat their bar services as afterthoughts. In doing so, they miss an excellent opportunity to give their guests the best drink experience possible. Peak Beverage offers couples the chance to transform their wedding experience with fantastic bar service or “drink catering.” The team brings high-quality alcohol, cocktail recipes, non-alcoholic ingredients, and experienced bartenders to each event.

When fiancés select a catering service before their wedding, they’re usually careful to choose a service that will offer their guests the best possible experience. They pay attention to the quality of the food and ingredients, as well as the business’s reputation for customer service and professionalism. 

But when it comes to the bar service, many couples don’t have the same attention to detail. They assume that liquor is all the same, no matter who pours it. They often book a bar service based on the price alone. 

Photo of the Craft Room
The Peak Beverage team enjoy experimenting with cocktail ingredients.

When couples are blasé about their bar service, they miss an opportunity to level up their wedding experience. With a high-quality bar service, couples can ensure that their wedding is one that their friends and family will remember for years.

That’s why Andy Klosterman created Peak Beverage with his business partner Adam Douglas. The two met in Colorado with a shared background in hospitality, just on different coasts. Adam got his start in Florida, and Andy came from California. They had both realized that couples often treat bar service as an afterthought in the wedding industry. Through Peak Beverage, Adam and Andy wanted to raise the bar in bar service.

Peak Beverage offers beverage catering in Colorado and Austin, Texas. The team applies the catering model to beverages, bringing hand-selected spirits and wines, fresh lemon and lime juice, mixers, glassware, and trained bartenders all under one roof, wherever that may be. 

With Peak Beverage’s services, the drinks at your wedding will not just be satisfactory – they’ll be a highlight of their own. 

“Our goal is to elevate the bar experience to mimic what’s trending in the country — cool speakeasies, cocktail bars, and fresh ingredients,” Adam said. “Our bartenders are winning awards and having fun. That’s our vision and drive for starting the company.” 

A Bartending Experience Just for You

Peak Beverage encourages creativity in its bar menu, unlike a standard bar service, which often only offers a few signature cocktail options. Adam said he recalled one couple who asked for 16 signature cocktail options to reflect their many travels together. The Peak Beverage team took on the challenge and delivered on the couple’s vision.

“The sky’s the limit for cocktails,” Adam said. “Recently, we’ve been charging a minimal amount for a private session with our beverage director.” That way, clients not only get to ask for cocktails that they already know they want, but they also get personalized advice on what cocktails would best suit their tastes and make for a fun addition to their wedding day.

The team members at Peak Beverage are willing to work with couples directly to create custom cocktails. “We have a fun office and kitchen — we call it the craft room — a separate area with the bar built out to host small tastings and play with different ingredients,” Adam said. The team uses this space to create fun cocktail ideas, sometimes with the couple’s collaboration.

Photo of a hand pouring a cocktail
The bartenders at Peak Beverage are dedicated to creating the best drink experience

For a more standardized option, couples can select cocktails from the seasonal list, the possibilities Peak Beverage offers as standard crowd-pleasers tailored to the time of year. No matter how involved you want to be with your drink selection, Peak Beverage will make sure to deliver.

Peak Beverage also has a separate wine list, with plenty of options for every palate. The team even does complimentary tastings for couples. 

Drinks can get expensive, which is why Peak Beverage offers a variety of packages and service time frames to fit most budgets. With all the additional ingredients and details that Peak Beverage includes, many couples save money with Peak Beverage than if they were to buy everything individually. 

“Our packages are super affordable,” Adam said. “If you want more expensive products, we can customize everything based on individual budgets and preferences. We provide everything and package it all together to make it as simple as possible for our clients.” 

The Vendor Your Guests Will Remember

For an engaged couple, it can seem like every decision leading up to your wedding is the most important one. You may find yourself extremely stressed over your welcome sign, wedding favors, or even the dress code. If those things are important to you, they are worth the effort. But in reality, most of those decisions won’t impact your guests very much, and certainly not in a way they’ll remember.

“What is a wedding but a bar, good music, and good food,” Adam said. “That’s what people care about. The bar is important for getting people together and having a good time.”

With Peak Beverage, guests will find that the bar is not just a tool for getting intoxicated but a source of fun in and of itself. Guests will enjoy tasting their drinks and trying the creations that the Peak Beverage team has to offer. They’ll appreciate the care that the bartenders take to ensure they get the quality service they deserve. 

Photo of cocktails
Peak Beverage impresses with quality ingredients, tasty recipes, and top-notch customer service. Photo credit: From the Hip.

The Peak Beverage staff is incredibly well-trained in bartending. “We have the ability to train from beginning bartender to master bartender, and we do that all the time,” Amanda Holman, Marketing Manager at Peak Beverage, told us. “Because we have that knowledge and people know that about us, we have strong bartenders who come to us and work with us.” With staff like that, the Peak Beverage team is sure to deliver.

“You’re setting the tone for the entire event,” Adam said. “I love our staff. I love the people having straight-up conversations and making friends. Weddings are fun, so it’s a fun job to have.” 

The Peak Beverages team connects with the engaged couple before their wedding and makes conversation with guests on the wedding day. The team is friendly, dedicated to customer service, and sure to make your wedding the best it can be.

Sit Back and Enjoy Your Day with Peak Beverage

Planning a wedding is a significant ordeal. It isn’t easy to know how to schedule your different vendors, what quantity of services to order, or even what you can afford. But the Peak Beverage team wants to make sure you’re supported every step of the way when it comes to drinks. 

Peak Beverage logo
Make your wedding day as stress-free as possible with Peak Beverage.

“Every single client gets a dedicated sales rep who works with the client through the entire process,” Amanda said. “They work with bartenders and the operations team so the client has full communication the whole way.”

While the engagement can be the most stressful time in the wedding planning process, it all comes down to the actual day. Even with the most comprehensive preparation, the best support system, and perfect weather, your wedding day can be stressful. But with Peak Beverage, you can at least have the peace of mind that your drinks will be expertly mixed and that your bartenders will be highly skilled and personable. 

“So many things go into a wedding, and everything you have to do is overwhelming,” Adam said. “So my biggest focus is to make it fun and easy for the planning process, and that’s very much appreciated by clients. We want to be the easiest vendor to work with.”

And with ingredients, equipment, and talented bar staff coming from one vendor, it is clear that Adam has succeeded in his goal. Working with Peak Beverage is fun, easy, and may even leave you relaxed enough to have a few cocktails on your big day.

Reach out to Peak Beverage to learn more about booking the bar for your wedding!