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Printique Helps Couples Preserve Happy Memories in Print

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Couples in serious relationships need ways to celebrate and hang onto significant memories. Printique helps them commemorate major moments in their lives with plenty of custom print styles to choose from and excellent customer service. Printique provides a great option for couples looking to appreciate milestones.

Over the course of long-term relationships, couples can accumulate a staggering number of photos together. From romantic vacations to dinner dates to their wedding day, a couple will have many happy images to remember milestones, big and small. 

Most people take their photos digitally and keep them on a phone or computer. Digital storage can make having a wide variety of images easier and cheaper, but it also makes it easy to forget about them. If you get a new device or storage system, you’ll likely lose some pictures in the transfer. Or, if you store specific images in different locations, you may forget where they are and never see them again.

Storing photos digitally may be quicker than getting physical prints, but it isn’t necessarily a better option. You don’t want to point friends, family, and even your children or grandchildren to a computer or smartphone when you show pictures from your relationship. Instead, you want pictures on your walls and in photo albums. You want tangible items you can pass down and use to fill your home. 

For beautiful prints that everyone will admire, couples turn to Printique. The New York City-based company provides high-quality custom prints to customers looking to preserve their memories. Founded as the in-house photo lab for Adorama, Printique offers hundreds of creative options. Printique’s team is working to ensure the company grows alongside the evolution of the photography industry, providing high-quality prints for modern customers.

“Most photo-takers are not professionals but are quality-conscious and seek premium products at fair prices,” Herb Jones, VP of Growth Marketing at Printique, told our team. “That’s what you can expect at Printique  —   professional-grade craftsmanship, archival quality materials without breaking the bank. From handmade leather albums and books to hand-stretched canvases, gallery-worthy acrylic, metal, and framed prints, Printique’s online photo shop offers endless custom art options to preserve life’s precious moments.”

Established as a Classic NYC Printer

Printique has been a major force in the New York City photography world for over 20 years. The company started as a one-hour photo processing lab called AdoramaPix, and it became the go-to photo place for many people.

“Printique’s popularity grew after listening to its customers as to what they were lacking in the photo processing world,” Herb said. “It added photo books and wall décor to its product line, and that’s when it outgrew its space. Printique moved to its current home in Brooklyn in 2013 and transformed the space into a state-of-the-art photography lab.”

Printique thrived even after digital storage became the most popular option for photo-takers. The company continues to grow because of its commitment to delivering gorgeous prints to its customers that they proudly display in their homes. Printique is a reliable business that consistently delivers the best images for customers to cherish.

Printique is a go-to photo printer for NYC locals.

“Printique is proud of its journey delivering superior handcrafted prints and display options using the finest quality materials and time-honored techniques,” Herb told us. Those techniques keep their customers happy and loyal, even after the photo lab changed locations.

While Printique is local to NYC, customers across North America can use its services thanks to convenient shipping options the company offers customers in the USA and Canada. The team has done a great deal of work to ensure that the photo development process is smooth for local or remote buyers. 

“Printique is particularly proud of the easy-to-use mobile app that enables an auto-upload process from your mobile device, so photos are always available online,” Herb said. “This seamless process makes it easier to prepare photos for the creation and get memories into your home and on display. An intuitive online ordering process, over-the-phone customer service, and artisans dedicated to the production of each order ensures a premium process from start to finish and satisfaction for the most discerning creators looking to curate a premium aesthetic.”

A Customer-Centric Business

The team at Printique focuses on a client’s every need. “We think of ourselves as a customer-centric start-up,” Herb said. “That means we think through every aspect of our business as to how it will affect the customer and the customer experience. We take great pride and ownership in this belief.” 

Herb and his colleagues are passionate about helping their customers preserve important milestones in their lives. Without services like Printique’s, couples may forget to appreciate the significant joys and accomplishments they have attained together. 

“Life moves fast,” Herb told us. “Before you know it, the faces and places will change, and celebrating the people and moments we cherish is always better with photos. Whether it’s your wedding album, wall decor, or even prints, you deserve a long-lasting product to enjoy your special moments and once-in-a-lifetime memories for many years.”

family looking at photo album.
The team members at Printique pride themselves on their strong customer service.

By treating yourself or your partner to a custom print of happy memories, you can enjoy that special time well into the future. Years later, you can show your family a beautiful representation of who you were together as younger people. While it may seem unnecessary to physically print these photos now, once you receive them, you’ll be thrilled you decided to work with Printique.

“We often see the happiest parts of people’s lives roll across our printers: weddings, families, travels, etc.,” Herb said. “It keeps us humble to know we are able to bring these memories to life and that they will be cherished.”

Commemorate Life’s Milestones With Printique

The responsibilities of everyday life can often get in the way of celebrating your commitment to each other after years together. Even the most romantic couples may forget to devote time or money to maintain their relationship. But the team at Printique knows that putting in the effort to commemorate special times with your partner is well worth the effort.

Printique offers plenty of elegant options for couples looking to make photo prints. In addition to wall prints, Printique sells beautiful photo books. “Printique’s high quality lay flat photo books are made from professional, archival photo paper and a great way to compile images into easily accessible keepsakes to look back on,” Herb told us. “Photo books are offered with a range of cover options including hardcover, custom leather, fabric, and softcover.” Photo books offer a classier and faster alternative to a traditional scrapbook whether you buy one for yourself or make one as a gift for your partner.

photos on wall
Couples can use photo prints to personalize their home.

The Printique team knows from experience how deeply photo memories set in print can impact their customers. Printique patrons can use their prints to bond with their partners and cherish good memories for years into the future. “We believe in the power of print to improve our lives,” Herb said. “We live in a time where many people need a password or battery power to view their most precious moments – they deserve more. Your favorite images have the potential to turn your walls into a reflection of what you love and in doing so, turn your house into a home.”