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Rachel Cho Floral Design Can Help Romance Blossom on Wedding Days & Special Occasions

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: It’s no secret that plants and flowers make for a welcoming and relaxed environment. Studies have reported that flowers have a positive impact on a person’s emotional state, which explains why they’re the perfect gift. Founded in 2005, Rachel Cho Floral Design continues to brighten up wedding venues and special event spaces through eye-catching floral designs. Regardless of the occasion, this award-winning florist company has a flower picked and ready for any special person. 

I’ve always wondered why flowers were the go-to for grand romantic gestures. Perhaps it was the beauty or the fragrance of the flowers that captivated everyone. It wasn’t until I received my very own bouquet of flowers that I realized exactly why they are the perfect gift. Flowers help people connect to deep emotions that can include love, happiness, appreciation, or even forgiveness. 

Coming from a family background of florists, Rachel Cho has also gone through the experience of flower enlightenment. As a little girl, Rachel grew up in New York watching her mom working day in and out at her own neighborhood flower shop. You might assume this is where the spark of flower interest stemmed from. But according to Rachel it was quite the opposite. 

Owner, Rachel Cho.
Rachel Cho, owner of Rachel Cho Floral Design.

“Funny to think back, I had no interest in flowers growing up and in fact, hated flowers as a little girl because it meant having to work on the weekends and on holidays!” Rachel told us. 

After graduating from Smith College with a degree in biology, Rachel started Rachel Cho Floral Design, her own flower shop in New York. Her love of shape, color, and texture led her on her journey to deliver quality floral services. Rachel developed an original eye for detail and an exquisite sense of style. 

What started out as a business venture in the floral industry has now blossomed into a genuine passion in delivering beautiful and floral designs.

“When I realized my mother and I had very different approaches to floral design and style, I started making floral arrangements and fell in love with every flower and foliage I came across,” Rachel said. 

A Flower Shop for Wedding Services and Beyond

Often we see flowers used for weddings or romantic occasions. But the truth is that flowers are multipurpose. From baby showers to birthday parties, flowers can be useful for any occasion or event. Rachel assures customers that whatever the occasion, their floral expectations will be met. She works closely with her customers to capture their vision. 

“Rachel Cho Floral Design made my flower crown and bouquet for our wedding in June, and I was very happy with how they came out. I sent along some images of bouquets and hairpieces I liked, and they were able to craft something for me that matched the tone and texture of those images,” Samantha Holmes, a customer shared in a Google review.

Outside of delivering exceptional wedding services, Rachel Cho Floral Design also offers an e-shop and corporate weekly service for businesses. By using the e-shop services, customers can shop for flowers on the company’s website without having to call or come in – which many found useful considering the pandemic. 

Wedding flowers.
Rachel Cho Floral Design customizes flowers for weddings and special events.

For their convenience, customers can order their flowers and get them delivered to their doorstep or venue. Rachel Cho Floral Design’s delivery services run Monday through Friday to the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. Many customers have found the delivery services to be timely, convenient, and overall exceptional.

“I ordered flowers online for a friend… she loved them! I don’t like overly curated or generic looking arrangements and these were uniquely beautiful. The online ordering and delivery process was very smooth,” Sarah Guillot, a customer shared in a Google review.  

Businesses can get in on the fun with the corporate weekly service, which is tailored to business needs. Rachel Cho Floral Design has partnered with an array of professionals who want to show appreciation or create a beautiful space. From networking events to corporate gifting, Rachel Cho Floral Design is the go-to for business floral arrangements. 

“From weekly subscriptions to fundraising galas, we execute each project seamlessly with characteristic grace, poise, and creativity,” Rachel said. 

Beautiful Arrangements Created Specifically For You

Personalized items can be meaningful gifts for couples celebrating a holiday or relationship milestone. When someone purchases something personalized just for you, it usually leaves a longer emotional impact. Feeling special and recognized for being you means everything! And a gift can show that. 

Rachel Cho Floral Design specializes in creating fresh and original floral arrangements for every customer. When clients initially reach out, Rachel and the florist team set up a consultation for both parties to decide whether they are a good fit for one another. 

Asking the right questions is the key first step, said Rachel. Once the initial consultation and overview is over, the team immediately jumps into the design phase and determines the right approach to fulfill the customer’s needs. 

Photo of office plans
Rachel Cho can arrange office plants for businesses.

“It’s really an honor to be a part of someone’s special occasion. The flowers, colors, and decor represents their style, what kind of mood or atmosphere they want to set, and it will be a lasting memory for that particular celebration,” Rachel said. 

In addition to personalized flower arrangements, Rachel Cho Floral Design also has several plants customers can choose  from the e-shop. Just like flowers, there are personalized plants that can lift people’s moods. According to Rachel, a few living plants can help purify air, brighten up your space, and last for a long time. 

Rachel Cho Floral Design Inspires Many Golden Moments 

Rachel aims to inspire and move people through her work with flowers. Impeccable service starts with genuine ambition to help customers add beauty to their lives – and that’s what Rachel accomplishes daily. 

Customers praise the team for its dedication to providing excellent customer service and for paying attention to the details to make their special day even more special. Rachel told us that there were many golden moments captured with the help from Rachel Cho Floral Design. One moment that she said stood out to her was when a bride shared a written proposal that moved her and her mother to tears. They wanted to capture this same emotion in their wedding decor. 

“Clearly, they were so excited! This added a bit more pressure to execute, but it made me put even more attention to their details and compelled us to give them little floral surprises for various parts of their wedding, either a color combination, or unique flowers and shapes,” Rachel said. “Her wedding came together so beautifully. When a bride and family are lovely to work with, it’s a formula for an amazing execution.”

Looking ahead, Rachel Cho Floral Design aims to grow in 2022. From updated subscriptions to new launches, customers can anticipate new and improved features from the team. 

“We are working to launch Wedding Collections for brides to be able to book and order their wedding flowers directly online with a simpler experience. We are also launching a floral subscription service that can also be ordered directly online,” Rachel shared. 

Rachel Cho Floral Design’s goal is to make products and information more accessible for customers. Understanding that social media has a major influence on society, Rachel shares floral ideas and techniques on TikTok with its customers. Now customers can pick up a new hobby and learn the art of floral design. 

“This past year, Tiktok has garnered a lot of attention on quick tutorials and floral content. This has been a space for me to share what I love about floral design and I’m always adding new content. You can find me on social platforms @rachelchofloral. You might even catch me go live!” Rachel told us.