Renee Catt Helps Australian Women Through Divorce

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Divorce Go-To Girl: Renee Catt Helps Women Kick-Start New Chapters in Their Lives

Jessica Lollino
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Short Version: Divorce Go To Girl Renee Catt helps women and men around the world see divorce as a chance for a new beginning rather than a sad end to a chapter of their lives. She’s the friend every woman needs for support, insight, and a little optimism when dealing with one of life’s most challenging events. Through her support series, blog, and coaching services, she connects with clients, offering them ways to reclaim their purpose and sense of humor. Renee also teaches them to find the confidence to manifest the life of their dreams after divorce.

As the expression goes, there’s no better teacher than experience, and Divorce Go To Girl Renee Catt knows how accurate that can be. That’s because the self-described cheeky, sassy, lover-of-life hit rock bottom when she went through a divorce she hadn’t seen coming.

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Renee Catt uses her experience successfully navigating divorce to help others do the same.

The Melbourne mother-of-two navigated the situation by relying heavily on her wit and positivity, as well as a professional coach, and she emerged on the other side a changed woman. But during that low point in her life, she found passion and a purpose — and she used her new outlook to start a business.

“I went through the tsunami of divorce and decided to change my career from being a travel agent — for 20 years — to helping women and men through their divorces and getting them back out into the dating world,” she said.

Renee earned a diploma in coaching, leadership, and mentoring and is also a nationally accredited mediator, Master NLP Coach, and Master Time Line Therapy Coach. Her program is based on the lessons she learned from her divorce as well as her professional education.

“We weren’t taught how to have amazing relationships in school, so we need to learn how so we can attract the love we deserve. We need to know how to make relationships work,” she said. “People will invest in a personal trainer if they want to compete in a marathon, so why not have a personal life and love coach for the longest event in your life — your relationship? I help clients learn to have a great relationship with themselves first.”

Start Fresh With a 28-Day Breakup to Breakthrough Support Series

Once you decide to go through with a divorce, it’s hard to identify the next steps. While lawyers will take care of the legal aspects, Renee helps her clients deal with the emotional assets left in limbo.

Through her 28-Day Breakup to Breakthrough Support Series, participants have access to a plethora of insight and support during one of the most difficult and unsteady periods in their lives. This online program provides daily check-ins and tips to make clients’ days a little brighter and more hopeful.

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Renee shows clients how to pick up the pieces and learn to love themselves again.

Through a Gratitude Journal, participants are encouraged to spend five minutes both morning and night being thankful for the good things in their lives rather than sad about those they have lost. The journal can help guide the newly separated or divorced to focus on all the opportunities that are now possible and build excitement about the next stage in life.

The series also includes a seven-day Beyond the Breakup online boot camp and participants have access to exclusive articles and blogs as well as daily tips and videos.

While much of her advice is geared toward making significant changes in life, Renee also provides fun, useful tips as well. For example, she advises clients to switch to waterproof mascara, drink a little bubbly to celebrate their courage and to take a moment to plan their divorce party.

Coaching Teaches You to Recapture Your Sense of Self

Despite more than 45,000 divorces granted in Australia each year, a surprisingly small number of divorce support services exist to help newly single divorceés establish a new life. Lawyers draw up divorce papers, and therapists can be involved in mental wellness matters, but little emotional support or guidance is available for those who are experiencing one of life’s most traumatic events.

“I had seen a psychologist and was over all of the talking, so now what? Who knew what it was like to go through a separation and divorce and could help me with the unseen things I wanted to deal with? I didn’t want to end up in some group where all the women were complaining about their exes; it wasn’t about that. I wanted to feel whole again. I wanted to find my happy, my sparkle and my smile,” Renee said of her own divorce process.

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Renee understands that finding happiness post-divorce is difficult — but vital.

She wanted to navigate the next part of her life in a way that included joy and positivity and could help her be a good example for her children. Since she couldn’t find that in her community, she decided to start offering divorce coaching services.

“I am all about keeping it real, so I take a no-nonsense approach once we build a rapport. I am the girlfriend you wish you had who keeps it real and honest. I focus on helping clients learn lessons from their relationships, so they don’t repeat their mistakes. I like to say, ‘What doesn’t repair will repeat,’” she said.

Clients have told Renee her coaching has saved their sanity — and potentially a great deal of pain. She helps people through everything from the feelings associated with separation to anxiety around the holidays to moving on and looking for love again.

The Blog Provides Informative, Practical Advice

Renee’s blog features the advice that has made her a divorce guru not only in Australia, but for people all over the world. She tackles subjects that affect all stages of divorce — from before to well after and all the areas in between. In the post “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” Renee shares her thoughts on gauging if your relationship is headed for divorce.

She includes five questions people often ask themselves when deciding on divorce. She also talks about the importance of investing in yourself when you reflect on your role in a split.

In another post, “The Reality of Being Separated and Divorced at Christmastime,” she shares stories about how others have dealt with adjusting to the reality of a new holiday schedule. She also provides practical tips on how to deal with the festive season — which includes staying away from social media and connecting with friends and family in person. She reminds readers to keep their focus on the good parts of their lives — not what they lost — and, above all, stay positive.

Renee’s writing style is direct, and that resonates with her readers, and each blog post includes actionable advice and tips for leaving a situation better off than when you came into it.

Renee Reframes Divorce as a New Beginning

Renee has a knack for making tasty lemonade out of life’s lemons. Her commitment is fueled by a deeply personal understanding of the divorce process as well as a passion for helping others.

“It lights me up to see people get through a tough time and then go back into life as a renewed version of themselves,” she said.

Her clients and readers also sing her praises, calling her advice inspiring and revolutionary in online testimonials. Clients also draw from her energy, zest for life, and her belief that you can’t play the victim, you’ve got to show up for life.

The Divorce Go To Girl is an ally for those looking to live their best lives after things have gotten a little bit off track.