Roccos Tacos Can Give Couples A Taste Of Mexico

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Rocco’s Tacos: A Causal Restaurant & Tequila Bar Can Give Couples an Authentic Taste of Mexico

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Since 2007, Rocco’s Tacos has delighted customers with its savory Mexican dishes and zesty margaritas. The restaurant began as a West Palm Beach phenomenon and has spread across Florida and into New York as more people go loco for these authentic tacos. Every night at Rocco’s Tacos feels like a fiesta, and that makes it a great spot for couples celebrating date nights, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Rocco Mangel, the owner and founder of Rocco’s Tacos, knew from an early age that he wanted to work in the restaurant business. He aspired to be like his grandfather, who was a general manager at the Copacabana nightclub in New York City, and he was willing to start at the bottom to make his dreams come true.

Photo of Rocco's Tacos owner Rocco Mangel

Rocco Mangel entered the restaurant business to bring joy and laughter to people.

After graduating from community college in 1997, Rocco moved from New York to South Florida where he learned from the best as a busboy for Big Time Restaurant Group.

Within a few years, he was a manager at Moquilla, a popular Mexican restaurant in Boca Raton. He saw firsthand how guacamole brought people together and how margaritas inspired laughter and conversation, and that inspired him to open a Mexican restaurant of his own.

In 2007, the first Rocco’s Tacos opened its doors on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, and many adventurous eaters lined up to try it out. Today, the restaurant has nine locations in Florida and New York.

Rocco’s Tacos serves authentic Mexican dishes, and the bar’s top-shelf tequila can offer the perfect accompaniment to the meal. Fun-loving couples can bring some color, warmth, and flavor to their date nights by stopping by Rocco’s Tacos for dinner.

“Rocco’s Tacos was created to offer guests a true taste of Mexico in a vibrant casual environment,” Rocco said.

A Colorful & Romantic Haven for Florida Foodies

Rocco’s Tacos tantalizes the taste buds with its authentic tacos, house margaritas, and tableside guacamole. From the moment you walk in, you can smell all sorts of spices mingling in the air, and see people from all walks of life digging into platters of steaming hot food.

Photo of Rocco's Tacos

Rocco’s Tacos is famous for its authentic Mexican food and fresh-made guacamole.

The Rocco’s Tacos menu includes many traditional Mexican dishes, but the chefs also like to get creative and churn out specialty dishes you won’t find in just any kitchen. For example, the Brooklyn BBQ pork belly tacos is a mouthwatering fusion dish, and the taco burger, topped with fresh guac and salsa, is always a crowd pleaser.

You can find all sorts of satisfying and spicy dishes here. The kitchen uses the freshest ingredients to make every flavor pop, and they’ll even come tableside to make guacamole.

The restaurant’s original Chile Rellenos is one of the hottest dishes on the menu. The fried poblano chiles are stuffed with Chihuahua and goat cheese, topped with salsa roja, lime crema, and cotija cheese, and then served with yellow rice and black beans.

If you want to make your taco meal a little healthier, you can ask the waiter to “go green,” and they’ll replace the corn tortillas with lettuce cups.

The indulgent, authentic food may get people in the door, but it’s the fast and friendly service that keeps people coming back night after night.

Photo of Rocco's Tacos drinks

The Rocco’s Tacos bar has over 200 different kinds of tequila on its shelves.

The Rocco’s Tacos team takes pride in what they do, and everyone — from the cooks in the kitchen to the hostesses at the front — works hard to wow customers from the moment they walk in. This unparalleled service is the foundation of the Mexican restaurant.

“Our enthusiastic Rocco’s Tacos team is full of energy and always ready to offer guests an experience they won’t forget,” Rocco said. “It is all about having fun and great service!”

Plus, the Rocco’s Tacos bar has over 200 varietals of tequila, and the bartenders can quickly whip up a refreshing margarita or cocktail that caters to the taste of the customer.

People Praise the Fast Service & Delicious Dishes

Rocco’s Tacos is a social hot spot where people can relax and enjoy themselves. Many locals make reservations here when they want to turn their evenings into a fiesta. The lively atmosphere, rich food, and original cocktails combine to create a memorable dining experience.

Photo of Rocco serving drinks in Naples

Friendly service and quality food have been the key to Rocco’s success.

Diane P. went to Rocco’s Tacos for her anniversary and was impressed by the quality of the food. “Everything was delicious, hot, and fresh,” she said. “I would recommend this place, and I give it five stars for the food and six for the servers.”

As one customer at the Rocco’s Tacos Orlando location said, “Atmosphere was awesome. Really cool light fixtures inside and out. Service and food were excellent. One of the best chimichangas I’ve eaten.”

Rochelle J. and her fiancé have hectic schedules, so they don’t often get to enjoy date nights together. However, when they do have a free night, these two foodies love stopping by Rocco’s Tacos.

Sometimes all it takes is a happy-hour margarita or a spicy dish to put couples in a more romantic mood, Rocco’s Tacos has all the ingredients for a fantastic date night.

Rocco recommends that couples start their dates off right by ordering the tableside guacamole and then kick things up a notch with the Molcajetes, which are served sizzling hot in a lava rock bowl. These shareable plates offer diners a unique experience and give couples something they can savor together.

“Anyone who knows good guacamole knows about Rocco’s tacos guacamole,” said Blake W. in a Yelp review. “I’m getting so hungry right now just thinking about it. Their ingredients are always so fresh and the way they season the guacamole makes each bite so creamy and delicious.”

Rocco’s Tacos Can Spice Up Any Date Night

Rocco worked hard to climb up the ladder in the restaurant business, going from a busboy to a restaurant owner in just 10 years. His passion and dedication laid the groundwork for Rocco’s Tacos, which has grown into one of the most beloved Mexican restaurants in South Florida and beyond.

Rocco’s Tacos has cooked its way into the hearts of many foodies over the last 12 years, and its nine locations have hosted countless date nights, birthday parties, and other special events. When people are looking for a good time, they naturally think of the colorful and joyful setting offered by Rocco’s Tacos.

You can indulge your senses in this one-of-a-kind Mexican restaurant and savor a memorable evening over a round of margaritas, a bowl of guacamole, or a platter of tacos.

“Couples can escape to a Mexican-inspired destination and enjoy shareable menu items,” Rocco said. “Our dining room and bar are perfect for a fun night out.”