Room Key Helps Couples Find The Lowest Hotel Rates In 159 Countries

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go — Room Key℠ Helps Couples Find the Lowest Hotel Rates in 159 Countries

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Some couples delay taking that romantic vacation together because they don’t think they can afford it. “Maybe next year” becomes their refrain as they save up money and dream of escaping to Ireland, Peru, Japan, or some other exotic location. You don’t have to break the bank to take a lovely trip with someone special, though. Room Key can help you cut costs on your hotel accommodations by comparing rates and booking hotels around the world. The website’s vast inventory includes over 45,000 hotels in more than 150 countries. Founded by several leading hotel brands, Room Key delivers what guests want: clear information and amazing deals on hotels across the globe. You can conduct a search, browse through hotels, and plan a cost-effective vacation using the handy search tools on Room Key. By connecting you to affordable hotels, Room Key puts a romantic getaway well within your reach. Safe travels!

One of my high school friends loves to travel on vacation with her significant other. They’ve been all around the world together. He proposed to her atop the Eiffel Tower last year, and they’re planning to get married on a volcano in Hawaii next year. Even as I write this, they’re on a two-week excursion in Iceland, taking cute kissing pictures in front of waterfalls and making their Facebook friends green with envy.

I once asked my friend, who teaches high school science for a living, how she could afford to go to so many places so frequently. “You just have to find the right deals,” she told me. Booking smart and actively seeking low rates on travel accommodations can open up a world of travel opportunities, especially for couples on a budget.

Room Key’s hotel search engine can help jetsetters, like my friend, take that someone special on a romantic and affordable trip around the world. The website lists more than 45,000 hotels in 159 countries, so it’s easy to conduct a search and find the best rates for your next vacation.

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Room Key’s convenient platform lets you compare rates on thousands of hotels worldwide.

Launched in January 2012, Room Key has grown exponentially in just a few years and become a trusted hotel-comparison tool for travelers. This comprehensive online resource organizes and displays information on more than 100 hotel brands in more than 6,000 cities across six continents (pretty much everywhere but Antarctica). You can read up on specific hotels, comparing prices, amenities, and ratings, to help you make an informed decision on your accommodations.

The site is ideal for vacationers looking to save money on a special trip. With the search tools available at Room Key, couples can find and book reasonably priced hotel rooms for all their romantic getaways.

“Room Key’s new and unique offering will embody the best of what hotel company websites offer consumers, giving them confidence in their booking decisions,” said Shafiq Khan, Senior Vice President of eCommerce for Marriott International. “The immediate scale of this venture will deliver meaningful value to our owners and franchisees by showcasing their properties. This is an exciting new venture, and Marriott International looks forward to actively supporting Room Key’s growth.”

From a Simple Online Search to an Affordable Romantic Getaway

Room Key can make comparing hotel prices easier by pulling information direct from the source. Six top hotel companies — Hilton, Hyatt, Choice, Marriott, Wyndham, and the Intercontinental Hotel Group — founded the site as a one-stop solution for guests looking for the best rates in town. On Room Key, you’ll have plenty of hotel options to sift through as you plan your trip. The site has 28,000 hotels in the US alone.

You can create lasting memories with your loved one, while staying on budget, by searching through Room Key’s hotel price listings. According to the website, “Our goal at Room Key is to make finding low hotel rates as easy as possible.” If you need any help, you can email the team at with your questions.

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By using Room Key to compare prices on hotels, you can feel confident you’re getting the best deal.

Room Key is straightforward and easy to use. Vacationers conduct a quick search by location, date, number of guests, and desired number of rooms. Instantly, a handy list of available options shows up. You can organize the list by popularity, distance, price, rating, or hotel and then filter by amenities, price range, rating, or hotel chain to find the best fit.

“There’s no biasing on our searches,” Steve Sickel, CEO of Room Key, said. “Room Key sorts results based on what we think the customer wants, like being closest to their destination. We display a search we think is best for the customer, not best for us.”

Honoring Loyalty Rates From Over 60 Popular Hotel Chains

A unique benefit of Room Key is the site’s exclusive collaboration and partnership with reputable hotel companies. The company serves as a direct line of communication between guests and hotels, guaranteeing low prices with all membership perks included. “Whatever benefits you get by booking directly through a hotel’s website, you get by booking through Room Key,” Steve said in an interview.

Room Key prides itself on having the lowest hotel rates available online. More than 60 hotel chains pass along their Loyalty Rates to Room Key users. All you have to do is provide your membership number when booking, and you’ll automatically qualify for the Loyalty Rate as well as any applicable member benefits in your hotel package.

“Whatever benefits you get by booking directly through a hotel’s website, you get by booking through Room Key.” — Steve Sickel, CEO of Room Key

According to the site, “Room Key is the only travel site where customers can shop and compare Loyalty Rates across so many hotel chains all in one place.”

The simple effectiveness of Room Key’s tools and perks has attracted a loyal following online. “The customer reaction has been quite staggering,” Steve has said. “Our bookings more than doubled in the past year because we’re onto something that resonates.”

Room Key: Compare Prices, Book the Best & Pack Your Bags

My friend’s can-do attitude and deal-hunting prowess is legendary among our friend group. Over the years, she has scored some awesome deals on her trips and had many fun-filled adventures with her fiancé — without going broke. Such affordable vacationing is made easy with online resources like Room Key. If you’re looking to embark on a romantic excursion of your own, Room Key’s searchable database of low hotel rates can be a money-saving and time-saving solution.

Room Key clearly lists hotel options that meet your standards, coupling its deals with detailed hotel pages, so you can make an informed choice about where to stay with your loved one. The website offers every advantage — including loyalty rewards — of booking directly through the hotel itself, with the added convenience of an online catalog of thousands of hotels.

Graphic of Room Key's stats

Since 2012, Room Key has had a robust global impact on the hotel tourism industry.

Room Key gives you all the information you need to book a hotel room with confidence. On the platform, you can compare rates, research amenities, read through reviews, and choose your ideal vacation spot for a reasonable price.

Seeing the world with a loved one is a privilege everyone should enjoy. Whether you’re sipping champagne in Paris or backpacking through Thailand, Room Key can help you save money on your accommodations and add value to your romantic getaway.

“Room Key is a compelling platform with an exciting future in store,” said Steve in a 2014 interview with Business Wire. “I look forward to furthering the progress the company has made in just over two years, including achieving substantial conversion rate growth and increasing hotel inventory by more than double since launch.”