Sex Therapist Angie Gunn Teaches Clients To Unearth Pleasure

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Sex Therapist Angie Gunn Shows Couples How to Unearth Pleasure & Connectivity While Rekindling Passion

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Speaker Angie Gunn takes a no-nonsense approach when it comes to her clients. She uses eclectic therapy strategies to emphasize empowerment, inner strength, and healing. Angie takes couples below the surface to enhance their spiritual, emotional, and sexual connection. Clients appreciate her ability to honor their truths without judgment. Angie’s professional experiences — including jobs dealing with child welfare, domestic violence, and foster care — have helped her hone her methods and build a successful therapy career.

Angie Gunn knows what it feels like to be uncomfortable expressing your sexuality. She spent a large part of her life struggling to break free from the constraints of her family’s conservative background.

Photo of Angie Gunn, LCSW CST

Angie Gunn helps clients understand their own desires to lead more fulfilling sex lives.

Now a certified sex therapist, Angie said it is rewarding to assist people as they make their sex lives whatever they want them to be. Although she identifies as a cisgender white female, Angie is also aware of the power and privilege her gender and race have afforded her. And Angie is dedicated to acknowledging her truths and creating equity whenever possible.

Through Connective Therapy Services, Angie provides couples with resources to help them understand their sexuality, address trauma, and heal relationships. She enjoys leading people on their journeys to find solutions within themselves.

“It is rewarding to do this professionally and help other people be as excited about connection and pleasure as I am,” Angie said.

Angie’s clients describe her as approachable, open, warm, and ready to tackle any challenge. She’s authentic, vulnerable, and straightforward when discussing sexuality with clients and often poses questions that move people to the next stage of self-awareness.

“What turns you on? What gets you excited? What are you learning about yourself? All of these questions lead to a deeper exploration and help people connect with pleasure and embrace a new world of self-discovery,” Angie said. “I would always give feedback to people, and, sometimes, having sex partners for myself would turn into Sex Ed lessons.”

Angie’s desire to incorporate pleasure and connection into her own life in more meaningful ways is evident in her approach with clients.

“I’m in sexual spaces, and my clients know that I do those things and I seek their consent to treat them based on that information,” Angie said. “They get to engage in the therapeutic relationship with the understanding that I am still going to be a sexual person and not just this robotic therapist.”

Numerous Services Promote Inclusion While Debunking Shame

Angie said she finds that many of her clients want to experience more sexual pleasure, but put up barriers to achieving that goal.

“People have trouble getting past the expectations. They need to understand themselves to connect with their partners,” Angie said. “Part of my work is teaching people how to be comfortable adapting to their own arousal patterns to adapt to their partner’s needs.”

Angie’s therapy services mirror her intuitive and collaborative approach to transforming lives. Individual and Couples therapy sessions vary in length and support clients that may have mental health concerns, trauma, sexuality-specific needs, or concerns about their relationship. Angie helps people explore the challenging patterns, history, and conflicts that keep them stuck.

“I’m knowledgeable and eclectic in my approach, using a variety of therapy modalities to support you,” Angie said. “Sex positivity and an intersectional perspective drive my values and my work with clients. I take a more systemic approach to problems because I want to understand all the facets and create a clear path to where you want to go.”

Angie engages large or small groups through training, workshops or presentations for families, communities, and professionals. Topics include sexual trauma, sex-positive healing, alternative sexualities, and sexual health, among many others.

The Blog Tackles Diverse Topics & Supports Self-Discovery

Angie knows that not everyone is comfortable with talking, writing, and speaking about sexuality, which is why her blog offers alternative approaches to learning about issues related to intimacy.

“In addition to extensive knowledge in sexuality, my clinical training, and experience with diverse populations allows me to be an authoritative voice in mental health, relationships, and sex,” Angie said.

Screenshot of a Connective Therapy Services blog entry

Angie’s blog provides readers with a different way to learn about issues they may be facing.

In addition to therapy sessions and her blog, Angie is also an accomplished event speaker. Her presentations resonate with participants because of their inclusivity.

“Providing sex-positive, inclusive therapy services means not only acceptance of gender, racial, and sexual diversity; but being intersectional and knowledgeable of the ways in which various identities and intergenerational traumas impact presenting challenges,” Angie shared in a recent talk on sex-positive therapy. “I can support you in creating this space in your community, and your therapy room.”

Her Non-Profit Makes Room for Sex-Positive Communities

Angie runs the Sex-Positive Education & Event Center (SPEEC), an inclusive nonprofit designed to facilitate the development of tolerant, sex-positive communities in the Pacific Northwest. SPEEC provides leadership, structure, and educational resources to promote growth, foster communication, and increase cohesiveness among local sex-positive communities.

The organization serves as a liaison between those sex-positive communities and sexual activism and advocacy for all bodies, races, genders, sexual orientations, and expressions.

Photo of the SPEEC banner

Angie’s nonprofit, SPEEC, supports inclusion between community organizations.

“I’m one of the few therapists that’s outspoken when it comes to this work. If someone knows you’re gay or knows you’re kinky or that you have more than one partner, there’s a presumption around who you are as a person,” Angie said. “That’s something I work hard to combat and show that you can have a sexual life and an identity while also doing a good job and maintaining a high quality of care.”

SPEEC lists upcoming events on its Facebook page. People who are Interested in working with SPEEC to create events for the community are encouraged to contact Angie.

Next for Angie: Bringing Non-Monogamy to the Forefront By Raising the Standard of Care

Now that Angie has done a significant amount of advocacy work around easing stigmas created by inherent ethical presumptions, she said she feels it’s important to help therapists and care professionals all over the world do a better job in service of non-monogamy. Not only is she creating an entirely new therapy model designed to address pathways to support non-monogamous relationships, but Angie’s also writing a book.

Angie prides herself on being professional yet down to earth. Supporters can expect her to take this same approach to her upcoming work. Angie says that she’s never been more fulfilled in her work than she is now helping people uncover their sexual selves.

“It is the most empowering and fulfilling work I’ve ever done,” Angie said. “I feel like it is so well balanced, in terms of who I am and what I believe and value. It’s a natural fit for me as a human that I get to do this professionally and help other people be as excited about connection and pleasure as I am.”