Should You Dump His Ass

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Should You Dump His Ass?

S.C. Rhyne
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He sits on his ass. He plays a mediocre video game for two hours straight. He picks his ear. He smokes from his bong. Then he turns on Netflix.

Meanwhile, you’ve been sitting next to him on the couch this whole time – having a threesome with Beyoncé and Paris Hilton.

Did he notice you?

If this sounds like a typical Saturday afternoon with your man, then you both need to get your priorities straight because it doesn’t sound like this person is adding anything positive to your life, nor are you receiving benefits.

He’s taking more than he’s receiving, and right now it sounds like he’s taking for granted what a wonderful partner he has in his life.

I’m not saying anything new.

All the great dating experts (Steve Harvey, Chey B., Demetria Lucas and Dr. Wendy Walsh) have told you the same thing!

Even Taylor Swift had the right idea with her breakup hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Down the line, after the initial pain and loneliness, you’ll discover your partner was leeching off you – emotionally, physically and maybe even financially. And you sure as hell don’t look like “The Giving Tree.”

A relationship is supposed to be mutually beneficial. No, not just in the bedroom!

Just because he goes down on you and gives you two licks to the center of the toostsie – making you roll your eyes to the back of your head – doesn’t mean you’re getting that deep, intimate, loving partner who is thinking of you and enjoys sharing quality bonding time.


“What is he giving in return,

and is it an equal exchange rate?”

I should know.

I’ve been through it and have friends who are going through it now.

I was seeing a guy named Jon (name has been changed) and I fell in love with him.

Long story short — Jon broke a huge promise to me, and I still shake my head about it because I gave him a lot of chances to work things out between us. Three strikes and you’re out.

Ladies, it’s not OK to be in a relationship just because you’re in a relationship.

At times you will feel lonelier when you are attached to a neglectful partner than you would be if you were single because:

  • “Hey, it’s my birthday! Why didn’t he call?”
  • “Happy Holidays! Where is his card?”
  • “I hope I feel better soon! Why hasn’t he come to see me yet?”

Yep, I’ve been through all these scenarios with Jon, and it’s not worth being with someone who reminds you daily you’re not worth picking up the phone for or being there for at times when it matters.

If you give your man:

  • Your time, love and attention
  • A #1 spot on your priority list
  • Every last drop of saliva after…. “Giving him the romance
  • Money!
  • Encouragement, especially when he’s down in the dumps

Then it sounds like you’re giving a lot and investing so much in this one person. Ask yourself, “What is he giving back in return, and is it an equal exchange rate?”

Because if you’re tired of paying taxes for someone to sit around and pick his ear all day, then why are you letting your man do that to you?

Ladies, are you going to dump his ass?

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