Signs A Guy Is Into You

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Signs a Guy is Into You

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This question is one of the most popular ones we get from our female readers.

It’s funny how the answers have evolved over time, especially with the power of technology.

Below are our top five signs a guy is into you.

1. Text messaging.

We are huge advocates of old-fashioned communication, like picking up the darn phone and calling a lady when a guy is interested in taking her out, but we also understand the power and popularity of text messaging.

Unfortunately, too many guys hide behind text messaging, but it still remains one of the top signs a guy is into a girl.

Flirting, innuendo and quickness to respond via text are powerful hints he is interested.

We recommend women play the text flirting game with guys early on, as it is often more comfortable for a guy to relax and open up about things he might be otherwise uncomfortable talking about in person or over the phone.

2. Compliments.

When a guy compliments a lady about her hair, eyes, shoes/dress or body, these are telltale signs he is more than interested.

For example, he says something like, “Wow, you look amazing tonight! I love that dress on you,” or “Did you do something different with you hair? It looks awesome.”

Trust us when we say that guys will absolutely NOT compliment a woman they are not attracted to. Guys will just keep to themselves and not say anything when the attraction is not there.


“If a guy brings the girl around

his friends, that’s a huge sign.”

3. Body language.

It is said in behavior that 93 percent of communication is nonverbal and 7 percent is the actual words themselves. As such, it is important to clue into his body language.

Simple things like casually touching your arm or hands when he is talking to you are strong signs.

In addition, pay attention to how he greets you.

Does he prefer a handshake, a casual “Bro hug” (like he does with his fellas) or a firm yet expressive hug? Each sends a different message, with the latter being more of an expression of attraction.

The same thing goes for a post-date goodbye. If a dude lays a handshake on a girl after a date, that’s a sure sign he is NOT into her.

We always coach guys on their first few dates to give the gentle kiss on the cheek and a nice warm hug to end the evening.

Ladies, it’s important to note that guys love the chase, so the longer you can hold out on the big kiss or the invitation into the house at the end of the night, the better off you are.

4. The look.

Nearly all men have a wondering eye, even the married guys of the world. Let’s face it, men are visual creatures and we like to look, but when just looking turns into “the look,” it sends an entirely new message.

The look is borderline akin to a guy flat out starring at the girl until the point she catches him and he provides a gentle, guilty grin.

When this happens, the girl should automatically assume the guy is attracted to her.

5. His friends.

Early on in the dating dance, most guys will hold off bringing their new date around their guy friends until they are ready.

Guys want to know the girl can hold her own, show up like a “lady” and also be a great extension of him. Until these three boxes are checked, a girl will not be introduced to his close guy friends.

As such, if a guy brings the girl around his guy friends rather quickly in the courting phase, that’s a huge sign.

So ladies, if you have been dating him for months and have yet to meet his friends, chances are high he sees you as an “around the way girl” (ie. a hookup).

What signs do you look for that tell you a guy is into you? Which of these signs have you seen before?

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