So You Just Got Dumped Get Over It

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So You Just Got Dumped? Get Over it!

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We know breakups can be difficult, and we have found the following tips extremely helpful in dealing with an emotional departure.

We have interviewed thousands of men and women and these tips are the most popular we have found.

It’s important to always remember this quote when dealing with a breakup, “He/she who angers you, conquers you.”


  • Get over it!

We know this is harsh, but it’s the reality you need to work toward. It’s a process that won’t happen overnight, but you’ll get there.

  • Release all tethers.

Get any necessary items back ASAP. Put all of his stuff in a box and give back it to him immediately.

  • Erase his numbers from your phone.

We’ve all drunk dialed and made that embarrassing booty call. Avoid the “I need you now” behavior.

  • Break social media ties.

For example, unfriend him on Facebook and quit following him on Twitter and/or Google+.

  • Surround yourself with friends and family to eliminate alone time.
  • Take a break from mutual friends you have.
  • Put yourself out there and begin dating immediately.

It will help build self-confidence and eliminate the feeling of loneliness.

“Don’t drive by his house

to ‘check up on him.'”


  • Don’t cyber stalk him.

That means no checking his email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

  • Don’t drive by his house and “check up on him.”
  • Don’t call his friends to “just talk.” Let’s be honest – you’re just fishing for details.
  • Don’t hang out where you hope to bump into him.
  • This one is so important that it deserved to be mentioned in both do’s and don’ts: No drunk dialing! EVER!!!

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