Sweet Escape Offers Photo Shoots For Traveling Couples

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Editor’s Choice Award: SweetEscape™ Can Offer Worldly Couples a Professional Photo Shoot on Their Travels

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: It’s easy to get wrapped up in a romantic moment, celebration, or vacation and forget to take good photos. Fortunately, the local photographers at SweetEscape can help couples capture and share those special moments in their lives no matter where they are. Whether you’re taking a family trip or celebrating an engagement, you can book a photo shoot through SweetEscape to get professional photos taken of your experience, so you can cherish those memories for years to come.

Photography enthusiasts and entrepreneurs David Soong and Emile Etienne founded SweetEscape in 2017 to connect travelers with an international network of professional photographers. The company started in Indonesia, and now it reaches over 500 cities worldwide.

David got the idea for SweetEscape while taking a Paris trip with his family. He realized that their only option to get a family photo was to either attempt a close-up selfie or ask a stranger on the street to take their photo. Neither strategy yielded a great result, and David found himself wishing he knew a professional photographer in town.

Photo of SweetEscape

SweetEscape can help couples capture memorable moments in over 500 cities worldwide.

Now SweetEscape is on a mission to ensure families like David’s always have access to a professional photo shoot and don’t have to settle for blurry pictures and awkward selfies.

SweetEscape’s network of photographers can empower traveling couples and families to enjoy their trips while capturing iconic pictures along the way. Booking a photo session through SweetEscape is also a great way to commemorate major life milestones, including engagements, weddings, and birthdays.

SweetEscape photographers have worked with all types of couples from the newly engaged to proud grandparents, and its photos have become treasured momentos preserved in scrapbooks, shared on social media, and hanging in places of honor on the wall.

Couples who want to chronicle their romantic history can use SweetEscape to make sure they look their best.

“It’s like always having a friend who’s local and good at photography,” the SweetEscape team said. “When we travel, we want to bring those memories back with us and share them with friends and family. That’s the inspiration for SweetEscape.”

Local Photographers Can Capture All of Life’s Milestones

SweetEscape has inspired thousands of people to put their smartphones away and let a professional worry about taking terrific snapshots of their travels and special occasions.

Couples can book a one-hour or two-hour photo session through the SweetEscape website or the mobile app, and they will be assigned a photographer based on what type of photos they’re interested in. For instance, SweetEscape has photographers who specialize in engagement and wedding photos, and it also has travel photographers who excel in rough terrain.

Clients need only pick their city and their event type, and the team will find the perfect fit for the job.

Photo by SweetEscape

SweetEscape has curated a list of the top photographers for any occasion.

Once SweetEscape assigns a photographer to clients, they can chat via the website or app to work out logistics, discuss wardrobe choices, or make special requests.

The SweetEscape community includes thousands of photographers who live and work all around the world, and they can provide local insights and recommendations to make any photo shoot run more smoothly. Whether they’re welcoming travelers to their home city or giving locals the VIP treatment, these pros know how to bring out a person’s best smile.

Some couples return to SweetEscape again and again to capture their engagement, wedding, and maternity photos, and they can form great relationships with their personal photographer while capturing iconic moments.

After the photo session is complete, couples only have to wait 48 hours to receive their photos in the SweetEscape app. Typically, they’ll receive 100 edited photos for a one-hour session and 200 edited photos for a two-hour session. The photo session fee includes 20 to 40 downloadable pictures that clients can then print and share.

“We apply an AI system to ensure quality and guarantee speed, and we sent the photos directly to the mobile app,” the SweetEscape team assured us. “If clients want to download more than their initial quota, they can purchase it through the app with additional cost. The prices are $10 each, $50 for 25 photos, $100 for all of the photos for one hour, and $200 for all of the photos for two hours.”

A Dynamic Startup Moves Fast & Expands Internationally

SweetEscape is a fast-paced startup company that has changed the way people book a private photo session. The app and website’s simple booking system, personalized service, and fast photo delivery have allowed individuals to find top-tier photographers throughout the world.

This energetic team is passionate about helping people create wonderful memories and share beautiful photos through a variety of channels.

Photo from SweetEscape

A private photo shoot can lead to some wonderfully memorable and romantic pictures.

Over the years, SweetEscape has seen plenty of positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. The app currently has 4.3 stars on Google Play and 4.6 stars in the App Store, and Facebook reviews have given it a perfect five stars.

“Booking SweetEscape was spontaneous but best decision I’ve ever made,” said Ivy Rose Domopoy. “Highly recommend to those travellers or locals who want a decent and picture-worthy shots.”

“Just had my maternity shoot done with SweetEscape,” said Alvina Tan. “It was such a fun shoot and definitely gave my husband and me something to remember before our little one is born.”

One Asian couple traveled to Sweden for a romantic vacation and hired a SweetEscape photographer to take pictures of them touring the city. The woman booked the photo session, but the man turned it into something special when he proposed in the middle of the shoot — after only giving the photographer a warning 10 minutes beforehand.

This surprise proposal story received over 10,000 likes on SweetEscape’s Instagram page, and it captures the joy of booking a private photo session.

SweetEscape appeals to an international audience in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and the U.S., and it supports photographers in Seoul, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, New York City, Bali, and other major cities.

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or even a staycation you can rely on SweetEscape to have a photographer on hand to capture those special moments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted couples planning to travel or get married, but it hasn’t stopped them from continuing to make special memories at home. SweetEscape can help locals celebrate important milestones and rediscover their home cities while maintaining proper social distance.

SweetEscape Helps Couples Create Lasting Memories

Families used to have to rely on the kindness and photography skills of strangers to take a group shot on their travels. Then SweetEscape came into the picture in 2017 to make booking a session with a professional photographer much easier for the average traveler.

SweetEscape connects individuals with a widespread network of photographers who specialize in engagement photos, travel photos, and event photos. Couples can find a photographer for any occasion anywhere in the world and then download photos that are perfect for their social media pages, family albums, and personal memories.

“Wherever our clients go, we ensure that there’s a photographer under our network, so they’re in good hands,” the SweetEscape team said. “It’s a dream come true because we’re helping our photographers follow their passion while also helping clients capture their memorable moments.”