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TantraNova Founder Dr. Elsbeth Meuth Says Tantra Helps Couples Achieve Dream Intimacy

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The Short Version: Dr. Elsbeth Meuth is a Tantra expert and the founder of TantraNova. TantraNova is an online platform that connects singles and couples to Tantric retreats and private workshops. Tantra is a complex philosophy developed on the Indian subcontinent that is concerned with weaving together the energetic, physical, and spiritual. Dr. Elsbeth told us about Tantra and how everyone – single or in a relationship – can benefit from its practices. 

When someone refers to something as an “intimate relationship,” it’s likely they’re talking about a relationship that includes sex. While having sex is one way to achieve intimacy, it’s surely not the only one.

Intimacy is no one single thing. Intimacy can be found in all kinds of relationships, from the romantic to the familial to the relationship each person has with themself. When it comes to romantic relationships, maintaining a type and level of intimacy that works for both partners is crucial for the health of the relationship.

Tantra is one way people find intimacy and connection with themselves, others, and the world around them. Often mischaracterized and warped in Western culture, Tantra is a philosophy that was born in the Indian subcontinent in the sixth century.

tantranova logo
Dr. Elsbeth Meuth co-founded TantraNova with her husband, Freddy Weaver.

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth is the founder of TantraNova and a Tantra expert. TantraNova offers retreats and online workshops that help folks explore Tantra. She founded TantraNova with her business partner and lover, Freddy Weaver. She told us about Tantra and how all kinds of people – regardless of relationship status – can benefit from its practices.

“People often think Tantra is just for people in relationships, but I think you can put the cart before the horse,” Dr. Elsbeth said. “Tantra encourages shifts and discoveries. It opens your horizons and brings more authentic results.”

Finding Connection With the Energetic Self

When most people hear Tantra, they may think of Tantric sex. But Tantra is so much more than that. The history of Tantra is intricate, and the practice is integrated in various ways in different religious and cultural practices.

‘Tantra’ is a Sanskrit word derived from the root ‘tan,’ which means to weave. This refers to a written text, and the earliest ‘Tantras’ outline a variety of rituals for invoking deities, including meditation and yoga.

During the sixth century, new kingdoms arose across the Indian subcontinent, which led to a flourishing of the arts. Many new rulers were attracted to the practice, promise, and power of Tantra.

Tantra posits that the world is animated by an unlimited divine power. Hatha yoga is one kind of Tantric practice that became especially popular between the 16th and 19th centuries.

dr. elsbeth meuth and freddy weaver headshot
Dr. Elsbeth’s husband, Freddy, introduced her to the practice of Tantra.

Dr. Elsbeth was introduced to Tantra by her business partner and husband, Freddy Weaver. She said Freddy was raised in a Tantric household and was delighted to show her the power in the practice of Tantra.

Before she met her husband, Dr. Elsbeth said she was dating a string of unavailable men. She said that while these relationships often had an element of excitement, she was always left alone when they were over. When she turned 50, she said she became keenly aware that if she wanted to find lasting love, she had to change her relationship habits.

“We learn so little about our energetic being,” Dr. Elsbeth said. “We learn about what we can see or touch or hear, but not what is invisible or inaudible. I often call it Tantric healing, because it truly healed the distrust I had towards men.”

Tantra helped Dr. Elsbeth explore her innermost self and the obstacles that were holding her back. Tantra exercises the energetic body rather than the physical one, and through this exercise, Dr. Elsbeth found healing and clarity. 

Love Comes From Within

Tantra can be an enriching practice for all kinds of people, whether single or in a relationship. Intimacy is a central concept in Tantra, but it goes beyond intimacy with another person. Dr. Elsbeth said that in Tantra, intimacy begins with the self.

“We often think that we have to meet someone to feel a sense of intimacy,” Dr. Elsbeth said. “But really, it’s the other way around. If you’re not connected with yourself, you cannot connect intimately with another person.”

This extends to other areas. Dr. Elsbeth said that if someone is feeling an intense emotion like anger, it’s not possible to connect with someone intimately. Dr. Elsbeth said that Tantra encourages the most intimate of connections by encouraging one to connect with themselves and the energy within them first.

Dr. Elsbeth said intimacy in Tantra has four dimensions. There are the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions, and Tantra considers them all. “In the Tantric practice, we return to the integration of these dimensions from the center. We can feel whole because the feeling is based on all of your senses,” she said.

couple sitting on ground facing each other
Individuals can use the wisdom and practices of Tantra to form more intimate relationships with themselves and others.

Sexual energy is also energy and is often considered as part of the physical dimension. When it comes to sex, Dr. Elsbeth said Tantra is about “meeting on the wave – together.” She said that sexual energy is different for men and women, and Tantric practice can help both parties understand their sexual energy and that of their partner’s.

“Tantric sex isn’t about the destination. It’s a dance with a beloved – it’s about the exploration, the journey,” Dr. Elsbeth said.

Ultimately, Tantra is about connection and energy. It’s about becoming attuned to nature and the way nature manifests in the human mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Elsbeth says she sees Tantra as a transformative power that anyone can explore.

TantraNova Offers Retreats & Programs for Couples

If what Dr. Elsbeth said about Tantra is resonating with you, you’re in luck. Dr. Elsbeth and Freddy co-founded TantraNova when Dr. Elsbeth wanted to share the transformative power of Tantra with whoever desired it.

TantraNova offers Tantric retreats and private programs for couples and singles, plus certification programs, products, and blog posts, among other services. All of TantraNova’s offerings are designed to help people amplify joy, pleasure, and creativity in their lives and relationships.

TantraNova retreats and workshops are safe, no-nudity environments where folks will be introduced to Tantric principles and practices that are meant to bring them into deep love and lasting intimacy.

tantranova products
TantraNova offers a wide variety of products for anyone interested in Tantra.

Dr. Elsbeth and Freddy offer a variety of materials about Tantra, including books and audiobooks. “Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love, and Intimacy” is great for couples looking to reconnect on a deeply intimate level.

A testimonial from Leanne, a mother and homemaker, reads: “Reconnecting with myself and my husband was delightful and renewing. I experienced a deep sense of being cared for and honored as a woman. This tantric intimacy retreat for couples allowed us to enjoy our love for each other on a new level.”

Here is a free gift from Elsbeth to support you in experiencing some tantric practices:


Tantra is about enjoying love and experiencing the full energy of the world. It’s about deepening the intimacy in relationships. Dr. Elsbeth’s passion for the gifts of Tantra was palpable throughout the interview.

“What I say about Tantra extends to everyone– heterosexual couples, homosexual couples, bisexual couples, trans couples– or not even a couple!” Dr. Elsbeth said. “It’s all about energy.”