The 1 Person You Should Call If You Want A Date

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The #1 Person You Should Call If You Want a Date

Marnie Nir
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I’m curious about whom you think you should call if you want a date.

Quite possibly you already feel like you’ve called everybody and have more than given this dating thing your all.

You’ve tried every family member and friend, every site and every tele-whatever. You’ve looked into matchmakers, private executive clubs and, what the hell, triathlon clubs (when you don’t run, bike OR swim).


What About Your Married Friends?

Should you call them for dating?

Sure. But only if they’re really happy, not cheating, still having great sex (often), have indeed found the secret sauce to finding and keeping the love of their life and that formula has not a thing to do with settling.

What about your married friends?Then, by all means, call them. I dare you.

I am thinking, however, that if you’re still single and do have some truly, happily married friends, how long would you really keep them around?

‘Cause more than likely your disbelieving self would’ve had to have gotten rid of loop-hole-poking them, claiming THEY were too busy with kids, you were a third wheel and yada yada.

Maybe You Think You Should Call On Yourself?

Awww. That’s sweet, but nah.

You’re probably the last person I’d have you call regarding a date. You, after all, are the one who got you here.

It is YOUR picker, which keeps picking oddly (or more so, perfectly), that keeps putting you right back to where you claim to Maybe you think you should call on yourself?hate – alone AND accurate about it all.

I promise if YOU really thought love was magical and easy to find, you wouldn’t have the pile of pickled past relationships you have (or have avoided having).

You wouldn’t keep a bunch of friends around you who coincidentally (cough, cough) also happen to find love tricky to navigate.

So THEN whom should you call already?

Call someone who would be brave enough to tell you the truth, someone who would help you shine a flashlight on what you have been really doing that had nothing to do with dating or searching out and finding love, someone who would help you fire your current crap social planner – you.

You’d Call a Life Coach

A good one. One you dug. One who could help you, help you. One who could have you see and laugh at all the mischief you’ve been up to. The sort of truth-seeking guide who would have you roll up your sleeves, give way more of a shit about finding love than proving it’s fleeting and have you honestly, happily be years wrong about it ALL.

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