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The “Fangasm” Podcast Is a Comedic Dive into the World of Steamy Fanfictions

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The Short Version: Fangasm” is a comedy podcast featuring host Allie LeFevere and her dynamic co-hosts, Lyndsay and Danny. Delving into the world of erotic fanfiction, they take listeners on season-long adventures from beloved fandoms like Harry Potter, Succession, and Marvel. You can picture your favorite characters in unexpected and spicy situations, all told through a thrilling narrative twist. As read by a trio who loves to laugh and share insight on their favorite parts of each chapter, “Fangasm” embarks on a journey of hilarity and, most importantly, pretty incredible storytelling.

If you were on the internet in the early 2000s, you might remember a time when fanfiction ruled.

But you may not know fanfiction actually dates back to the 1960s. This surge was brought on by the widespread enthusiasm of Trekkies when “Star Trek” fans started producing zines dedicated to the adventures of beloved characters such as Spock and Captain Kirk.

Fanfiction experienced a renaissance when the internet took hold. Websites like and Wattpad gained popularity in the mid-2000s, and millions of stories starred our favorite pop culture characters.

"Fangasm" logo
“Fangasm” is a comedy podcast with a spicy twist about your favorite pop culture characters.

Speaking from experience, I recall reading my fair share of fanfiction. And I’ll be honest: The best stories to read were about the characters I shipped — but weren’t canon in the show.

This may explain why I found myself binging several seasons of “Fangasm.” 

“Fangasm” is a comedy podcast hosted by Allie LeFevere alongside her co-hosts Lyndsay Rush and Danny Chapman. The trio immerse themselves in the world of fanfiction by reading episodes from carefully chosen erotic stories, covering a spectrum of pop culture realms. 

This hilarious yet steamy podcast is the perfect fit for listeners who love a good story, crave a hearty laugh, and secretly yearn for a spicy conclusion to their favorite one true pairings (OTPs).

How “Fangasm” Created a Dedicated Community of Listeners

Before “Fangasm” was “The Potterotica Podcast.” As you can tell from the title, Allie, Lyndsay, and Danny read from a plethora of Harry Potter-themed erotic fanfiction. 

But in 2019, it rebranded to “Fangasm” to include a wider variety of fandoms and unlimited steamy stories, including “The Office,” “Marvel,” “Star Wars,” “Game of Thrones,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Stranger Things,” and “Barbie.” 

“In the fanfiction world, there’s such an emphasis on pairings and ships that maybe weren’t reflective of what we saw in movies and television,” Allie noted. “I love that fanfiction is an awesome opportunity for people to see themselves in stories in a way that wasn’t in the zeitgeist.”

Lyndsay, Allie, and Danny are the hosts of “Fangasm” podcast.

Each episode is a segment of a season centered around a selected fanfiction story. Allie and her co-hosts read the story in episodic installments, generating an experience that keeps listeners eagerly anticipating the unfolding plot. 

It’s like accidentally staying up until 2 AM reading a book, promising yourself it’ll be the final chapter for the night until tomorrow, only to be left hanging on a gripping cliffhanger that tugs at your heartstrings.

“People have been so kind because we’re having fun and respectful of the authors; we’re just talking to the characters, which is so funny to us,” Allie said.

While it’s been fun, Allie noted one main thing that has changed since the podcast’s inception in 2017: More people are writing their fanfiction stories with consent in mind. 

“While these are the only types of stories we would read anyway, we’re noticing that lack of consent is becoming less common in newer ones,” she said.

From “Barbie” to “The Office,” There’s No Fandom Untouched

My favorite TV show is “The Office,” so naturally, I spent my entire afternoon listening to one of the “Fangasm” seasons dedicated to our favorite Scranton, Pennsylvania, characters.

The first thing I noticed is that Allie, Lyndsay, and Danny bounce off each other effortlessly, and the stories they’re reading are well-written. Good fanfiction has to stay close enough to the characters’ real personalities. Otherwise, it doesn’t feel like you’re following the characters you know and love.

In fact, that’s what Allie says lures people into the world of fanfiction.

“It’s these beloved characters that people have profound relationships with who have shaped their lives,” Allie said. “These are worlds people have always wanted to play in, so there’s something cool about taking characters and fandoms that people love in mass and bringing them to light in a different way.”

It comes as no surprise that new popular franchises are creeping into the “Fangasm” submissions. Lately, people have been submitting stories from “Stranger Things,” “Game of Thrones,” “Fourth Wing,” and “Marvel.” The podcast’s most recent season was on “Barbie,” which earned nearly $600 million at the American box office, becoming the highest-grossing movie in 2023. 

Legs of two Barbie dolls
The most recent season of “Fangasm” featured Barbie, who moved on from Ken to a new Ken.

“It was about Barbie being an empowered woman coming out from a toxic relationship with Ken. But then she meets another Ken who adores and respects her,” Allie recalls. “Not only does Barbie know her worth, but she’s also classic Barbie in the sense she’s multifaceted in terms of her careers and expertise, so it was really fun.” 

This tracks since “Fangasm” avoids reading problematic fanfics that feature characters with extreme power dynamics, overly submissive women without consent, and stories lacking a substantial plot beyond sexual content. 

“I don’t like reading about women in that way, shape, or form. What is great is the tension — the ‘will they or won’t they’ or the forbidden love affair. Those are the tropes that end up being the most delightful,” Allie said, then paused to add, “It’s also disappointing when the long-awaited romping doesn’t happen at the end when the build-up was so good.” 

Any writer or avid reader knows a captivating story needs characters, conflict, and resolution. And at its core, “Fangasm” is here to tell stories with those elements, promising an exciting journey for its audience. 

Submit a Story or Join Patreon for 100+ Quickie Episodes

“Fangasm” doesn’t plan to end its storytelling podcast anytime soon. It releases an average of three to four seasons per year, depending on the length of each fanfic. 

Allie, Lyndsay, and Danny recently finished the “Barbie” season in August and plan to release a new one in December.

In the meantime, you can submit your own fanfiction or your favorite fanfic writer’s story that hasn’t been read on the podcast yet. You can submit up to three stories at a time, and be prepared to abide by the “Fangasm” criteria, which includes stories without illegal or violent acts, underage characters, and, of course, if there’s sex in the story. 

Allie also recommends checking out the “Fangasm” fan groups on its Facebook page and Patreon. Patreon is filled with goodies such as behind-the-scenes footage, author interviews, live show recordings, and hundreds of “quickie” episodes that cover every fandom and pairing you might have never thought of. 

Woman laughing with headphones on
All “Fangasm” episodes are tons of fun to listen to, but Allie promises the “quickie” episodes available on Patreon get even sillier.

“We did one where ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ meets ‘My Little Pony,’ another where the Microsoft Office paperclip meets the Search Dog,” Allie recalled. “It’s so fun because we get into these characters in-depth, but sometimes it’s just a riot. Listeners wonder who in a fever dream wrote this bananas story that is so mental but also incredibly gorgeous.”

My husband works in marketing within the adult entertainment industry, and he hardly bats an eye at these pairings — but for the rest of us, it’s a glance into the wild yet creative world of what happens when you don’t put limitations on imagination. 

It may seem silly to some, but for others, it’s an incredible way to feel a sense of belonging. “Fangasm” listeners have found a home where they can be themselves, no matter their sexual orientation, gender identity, or who they are in “real” life. 

“I think people come back because they feel they belong here — and they do. Everyone does,” Allie noted. “The podcast has such talented and hilarious people that are part of it. We’re a very inclusive, tolerant, and accepting place while having fun, so people can tune into something just to laugh and play.” 

“Fangasm” plans to release its 27th season in December 2023, so make sure you don’t miss it: Subscribe to the hilarious trio as they embark on yet another delightful and addicting fanfic by following them on Apple, Spotify, iHeart, or YouTube.