The Plum Guide Offers Couples Luxury Vacation Homes

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The Plum Guide™ Opens the Door to Luxury Vacation Homes Where Couples Can Enjoy an Intimate Getaway

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The Short Version: The Plum Guide is a curated booking platform that reviews and lists the top 1% of vacation homes in the world. Its listings currently include 12 major destinations, including London, Paris, Rome, and New York City, and it’s rapidly expanding to meet demand. The website’s Home Critics have assessed more than 554,000 homes according to set guidelines to identify the perfect vacation home, and only 8,400 met the cut and earned the Plum Guide’s seal of approval. The Plum Guide can offer stellar recommendations for couples seeking a luxurious vacation with all their favorite amenities and perks.

In 2014, Doron Meyassed booked an Airbnb for a last-minute trip to Tel Aviv. He’d had mixed results with the booking agency in the past, but this experience blew him away. He found himself relaxing on a seafront property with floor-to-ceiling windows, a huge balcony, and oversized couches.

The kitchen was fully stocked, the fridge was full of fresh produce, and the host had left restaurant recommendations on the counter. Doron even had a PlayStation, Sonos, and Netflix account to keep himself entertained during his stay.

Photo of Doron Meyassed, Founder of the Plum Guide

Doron Meyassed launched the Plum Guide to make it easier to book luxury vacation homes.

Doron enjoyed living it up in Tel Aviv, and he wanted to give travelers the opportunity to enjoy similar vacation experiences. He wanted to deliver high-quality information in online reviews, so people would know what to expect with every booking.

Alongside a team of well-traveled experts, Doron launched the Plum Guide to raise the bar in the travel industry. Now customers can find incredible vacation rentals at the click of a button.

“The Plum Guide is all about solving two problems encountered by anyone who tries to book a home online for a trip away: overload of choice and a lack of quality control,” said Lizzie Hardy, Senior PR Manager at the Plum Guide. “We set ourselves the challenge to create a collection of the world’s best holiday homes, so that guests no longer have to gamble on their holiday accommodations.”

The Plum Guide uses a combination of innovative technology and human know-how to rank the cream of the vacation crop in major cities around the world. The booking agency has reviewed homes in 12 destinations, including London, New York City, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona. In July 2019, the Plum Guide launched in Tel Aviv, coming full circle with its founding story.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway to London or a family vacation in Madrid, you can make your visit something extra special by booking a luxury home through the Plum Guide.

Curating a List of the Top 1% of Rentals Around the World

Sometimes it’s hard to tell from an online listing whether a vacation rental home is going to be amazing, mediocre, or terrible. The pictures may not capture its in-person charm, or the owner may leave out details that make a difference in the vacation experience. The Plum Guide’s team has taken a systematic approach to reviewing luxury home listings and determining which are the best of the best.

Photo of a vacation rental in Los Angeles

The Plum Guide has assessed over 554,000 homes and highlighted the top 1% on its website.

The Plum Guide’s Home Critics visit each home in person and judge it based on 150 criteria — they call it “The Science Behind the Perfect Stay.” During this extensive, two-hour home test, the team looks in every cabinet and assesses every corner of the home to determine its value as a rental option. Homes are scored on soft criteria like design features and sociability, as well as hard criteria like the height of the shower head and the decibel levels in every bedroom. Only the most remarkable and first-class homes make the cut.

The Plum Guide has reviewed over 554,000 homes, including over 1,000 homes in London, and it has only accepted 8,406 listings on the site. The team prides itself on hand-picking the top 1% of short-term vacation rentals, and you won’t find any duds on its list.

Through rigorous testing and analysis, the Plum Guide has found the formula for the perfect vacation experience, and it guarantees travelers won’t be disappointed by these top-tier choices.

Photo of a vacation rental in Rome

You’ll find nothing but remarkable homes ranked in this high-end listing.

“Our vetting process is all about guaranteeing that winning-ticket home every time,” said Lizzie. “We’re seeing that more and more travelers want the comfort, flexibility, and privacy of staying in a home rather than a hotel.”

The Plum Guide appeals to travelers who are highly selective and sophisticated. These customers enjoy having personalized booking agents and a responsive customer service team to offer guidance before, during, and after the stay.

Couples who want to treat themselves like kings and queens during a visit can book add-on services, including daily cleaning, fridge fills, private chefs, babysitters, and airport transfers.

“At the Plum Guide, we have sorted through and scoured hundreds of thousands of vacation homes, inviting roughly 1 in every 100 tested homes to join our collection,” Lizzie said. “We do the scrolling and nitpicking for you, so we can dramatically reduce the number of choices you have to make and take the hit-and-miss aspect out of the homestay experience.”

Visitors Say They Feel at Home While on Vacation

The Plum Guide can save travelers hours of stress, uncertainty, and effort when planning a vacation. You no longer have to browse through listings in search of the diamond in the rough because the Plum Guide offers nothing but diamonds. Its Home Critics have done countless hours of searching on your behalf and have chosen the most luxurious vacation rentals based on the Plum Guide’s criteria for a perfect stay.

Its data-driven Home Test is more objective, consistent, and reliable than the peer-to-peer reviews found on most booking websites. The Plum Guide’s algorithm uncovers the most well-reviewed homes in a destination, and the team goes in person to see if it measures up to its standards.

Photo of a vacation home in Los Angeles

Couples can escape the everyday in the luxurious setting of a vacation home.

“We believe the user review system is broken; and that discerning travelers are hungry for expert-led curation they can trust,” Lizzie said. “Travelers know if they come to Plum, they’re getting an expertly selected, comprehensive listing of the best homes in a city.”

From the WiFi speed to the shower pressure, the Home Critics put everything to the test and only give their seal of approval to the best in the business. They even recommend tourist destinations and offer directions to the nearest train stations or bus stops.

About 80% of the Plum Guide customers choose to use its high-touch booking services to make sure every detail of their vacation is how they like it. The vacation experts can match users to their ideal home away from home and make sure they know what to expect throughout their stay.

Lizzie said, “We can answer all the detailed questions that really matter to our guests — from the exact number of stairs you need to climb to reach the front door, to the make of the mattress in the bedroom and the brand of smoothie maker in the kitchen.”

The Plum Guide Can Upgrade Your Holiday Trips

Doron didn’t know what to expect when he came to his vacation home in Tel Aviv. The brief online review didn’t prepare him for the amazingly lavish experience awaiting him. Energized by his visit, he decided to make luxury travel more accessible to everyone. Doron developed the Plum Guide’s review system to help discerning travelers choose wisely when they plan their vacations.

Over the years, the Plum Guide has become an authority in the travel market and set high standards for luxury homes. The team’s vetting process has saved travelers time and effort by giving them a short list of the highest quality short-term vacation rentals available in 12 cities.

Looking to the future, the Plum Guide team plans to expand to new destinations and continue finding exceptional vacation homes to add to its list.

“We are on a mission to build a marketplace of the world’s most beautiful holiday homes. For real,” Doron said. “I say ‘for real’ because this isn’t some vague qualitative ambition. We mean it. We are taking a systematic and obsessive approach to vetting every single home on the planet and accepting only the top 1%.”