Ticketfly Helps Expand Date Night Ideas

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Ticketfly’s 1,200+ Event Venues & Personalized Search Features Help Couples Expand Their Date Night Ideas

Hayley Matthews
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The Short Version: Since 2008, Ticketfly has been making it easy for people to purchase tickets to events at over 1,200 venues throughout North America. Their customizable search features and convenient subscriptions offer a perfect solution for couples looking for something different to do on date night. While dinner and a movie can still be a good time, finding a concert, festival, or comedy showcase via Ticketfly will add variety to your evenings out.

Probably one of the most common questions couples ask each other is “What do you want to do tonight?”

You’ll go round and round with “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” for 30 minutes until you settle on something like bowling. The thing is neither one of you actually cares about bowling. You just like the music and that they serve good fries.

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Ticketfly offers tons of ways for couples to mix up their date ideas.

Luckily, there is a solution to breaking the monotony of date night. Ticketfly helps people mix up their romantic excursions thanks to their 1,200+ event offerings.

With this ticketing platform, you and your date can admit you’re terrible bowlers and, in just a few clicks, find new, alternative things to do. From arena-sized acts like Beyoncé to intimate poetry jams at local coffee houses, Ticketfly brings entertainment options to suit any couple’s taste.

A Customized Ticketing Experience Finds Your Favorite Events

What makes Ticketfly such a stellar contributor to date night is they remember what you like. You select the events you’re interested in, and the service adds them to your member profile and provides suggestions on what’s near and dear to your heart — and your home. The site lets users enjoy a personalized ticketing experience based on preferences, which does wonders to take the pressure off finding something to do.

You and your partner have enough to remember with upcoming birthdays, mini-anniversaries, and shutting the door before the cat gets out. Chances are you could use a little help remembering your partner’s favorite bands, performers, theaters, and sports venues. Ticketfly does the heavy lifting, so you can get back to enjoying date night.

Ticketfly Powers Events at Over 1,200+ Venues Nationwide

The more than 1,200 venues that are part of the Ticketfly network partner with the company because they’re effective in attracting audiences. Ticketfly’s digital marketing and analytics software help promoters sell more tickets and increase bottom lines.

Screenshot of upcoming Ticketfly event

Ticketfly partners with 1,200+ venues, so couples are sure to find events in their area.

And the success of promoters directly impacts the quality and quantity of the events near you. Promoters see how many people use Ticketfly and search venues in a given area and readily partner with the site. Huge venues like the Merriweather Post Pavilion outside of Baltimore and the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens announce events on Ticketfly. And smaller, local venues like bars and coffee houses also list events on the site because they know the ticket listings will be seen and, ultimately, purchased.

Tailored Search Features & Subscriptions Cater to Your Interests

Whether you’re in the mood for a subtle night of jazz or a raucous comedy event, Ticketfly’s got your back. You’re at the helm of date night with tailored search features that cater to your personal interests. In a matter of minutes, you can purchase your tickets to that off-beat poetry event, hard rock cover band, or favorite sporting event. Couples can also choose how they want to receive tickets: print-at-home, Apple Passbook, mail, or Will Call are all options.

Ticketfly’s algorithm shows you the events you’re most interested in based on your search history and location. The site also offers an email subscription service that blasts upcoming events into your inbox.

And if you’re looking to share date night with another couple, Ticketfly lets you spread the word and share events with your friends through social media.

A Mobile App Lets You Find Tickets On the Go

Ticketfly isn’t just a good date resource for established couples either. Think of the possibilities of going on a first date, learning more about your date’s favorite band, pulling up Ticketfly’s app on your phone, and discovering the band is playing down the street. In a few taps, you’ve got your tickets and you’re on your way.

Screenshot of the Ticketfly app

The Ticketfly mobile app lets couples get tickets to events anywhere, anytime.

The Ticketfly app adds convenience and allows you to:

  • Search by artist, venue, or location to discover local events near you
  • Get recommendations for the hottest shows in Ticketfly’s top markets
  • Buy tickets in two clicks and access your tickets anytime on your phone
  • Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy, and secure purchasing
  • Get into events with just your phone when mobile tickets are available
  • Receive event details like times, headlining and supporting acts, and directions
  • Get reminded about on-sale times
  • Share events with friends

With features like these, Ticketfly can turn a simple coffee date into a spontaneous adventure.

Concerts, Festivals & Shows — Never Run Out of Ideas for Date Night

Ticketfly is able to bring the public many diverse events because of their relationships with numerous venues. Couples who use the site can change it up on date nights and attend events from art openings and concerts, to comedy showcases and theatrical productions.

Browsing through Ticketfly, you’re sure to find quite a few events that will pique your interest. The site will let you know when big acts come to town, so you can be sure to scoop up tickets before they sell out. Ticketfly will also clue you in on everyday events, like Drunken Problem Solving at the local pub.

Free events are also listed alongside ticketed events, which is another great perk for couples looking to have fun on a budget. You’re able to filter events by those just announced and even by those where tickets are on sale.

Ticketfly — An Innovator in Connecting People, Venues & Artists

Ticketfly offers a wide range of choices, tailored to your preferences, with intuitive suggestions to introduce you to what’s new. Their partnerships with over 1,200 venues help bring you the events you want to attend.

And they don’t show any signs of slowing down, either. Ticketfly has recently signed 17 additional venues across the Southern U.S., with plans to partner with more on the horizon.

Couples will never have to endure another monotonous bowling date night if they don’t want to. The fries and music are even better at Ticketfly events anyway.