Time And Date Helps Long Distance Couples Stay Connected

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Time and Date™ Provides Resources to Help Long-Distance Couples Stay Connected Wherever They Are in the World

Hayley Matthews
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The Short Version: Even in our modern world where everyone is connected through technology, staying in touch and nurturing long-distance relationships over time zones is still challenging. Luckily, there’s a way to keep your days and times straight when communicating with your love from far away. TimeandDate.com lets couples stay informed about the state of affairs at different locales with its world clock, time zone converter, date countdowns, and weather updates. The site’s personal calendar helps keep all your extra-special dates in one place, so you’ll never miss an anniversary or birthday. The bottom line: Time and Date makes long-distance relationships a little easier to manage.

An astounding 14 million people in the US identify as being in a long-distance relationship (LDR). That’s a pretty big number, especially considering how difficult nurturing bonds at a distance can be.

It’s no secret that communication is key to any relationship, but this fact is magnified when couples are separated by geography. That’s why it’s so important to use your communication time effectively. An LDR Magazine reader from Australia, Jack, noted how he ekes out the time to communicate with his girlfriend on the opposite side of the world in New York.

“Sometimes I’ll set my alarm on my phone to wake me up when I know she gets up so I can send her a good morning text message and have a short conversation with her before passing out again,” Jack said. “I like to do it because it makes me feel connected to her.”

Jack’s strategy is a good one, but it can be difficult to remember what the time difference is, especially when some couples are moving through different time zones due to work or other reasons. Fortunately, TimeandDate.com provides a solution.

Photo of the Time and Date logo and screenshot of Time and Date's World Clock

Time and Date lets long-distance couples know the time worldwide so they can stay connected.

Time and Date allows couples to know the time of day anywhere in the world so they communicate at the right hours. The site’s global calendar makes it easier to avoid missing important dates, like anniversaries and birthdays, and also provides information on local holidays unique to a region, which can work to spark conversations and keep communication going.

Time and Date’s free games and fun activities, such as special age and date pattern calculators, help couples pass the time while they’re apart. No matter the distance, Time and Date can help you and your significant other communicate more efficiently, which is the key to successful long-distance dating.

3 Ways Remote Couples Can Maintain Connections Across Distances

Long-distance relationships can be tough. When your partner lives in another city or country, knowing when to text or call is crucial so you aren’t waiting hours and hours for a return text or callback. The last thing you want to do is plan a serious conversation while they’re sleeping and can only groggily respond.

Time and Date offers an array of services to help you stay in touch with the one who pulls your heartstrings. The site gives the lowdown on dates, time zones, weather, and even astronomy for locations around the world.

1. Know the Time Wherever Your Significant Other May Be

By using Time and Date’s World Clock feature, you always know what time it is at the click of a button, eliminating the need to do the math. If your honey is in Singapore, you can either check out Time and Date’s pre-populated city list or enter Singapore in the search field. You’ll then instantly receive the local time where he or she is.

This feature can also be ideal for same-location couples who travel for work and play. When the missus is in Copenhagen on business, you know when to FaceTime her to enjoy a city tour together.

Screenshot of Time and Date's interactive time zone map

Time and Date’s interactive time zone map allows you to track current local times around the globe.

Time zones can be tricky when you factor in Daylight Savings Time. That’s why Time and Date lets you know what time zone you and your significant other are in, and whether it’s affected by the time change. This section also has great articles that cover topics from why we have time zones to 39 New Year’s celebrations in 2018, which can serve as good conversation starters when talking over the phone.

Time and Date users can also set up a Personal World Clock with a customized list of local times. For instance, maybe you’re in Chicago right now, and your partner is in Las Vegas. You’ll be in Phoenix on business for a week and need to keep track of all of the times. Just log into your account, add whatever cities apply, and you have your own personal clock dashboard.

2. Use Worldwide Weather Guides to See If the Sun is Shining on Your Partner

Every little bit of connection counts when you’re apart, and Time and Date has you covered when you “talk about the weather” with your partner. Using the site’s weather features, you can see if your mister might be a bit gloomy due to a rainy day or if he’ll be surfing during a gloriously warm day. Not only does Time and Date show you the temperature, but also lets you know if it’s sunny, overcast, or if icy fog is on the way.

Screenshot of Time and Date's weather page on Penang, Malaysia

Time and Date gives users information on weather and conditions anywhere on earth.

The Sun and Moon features keep you astronomically bonded to your love while you are apart. After all, no matter how far apart you are, you’re always under the same sky. Sun and Moon gives you sunrise and sunset times as well as a Cosmic Calendar so you can schedule your next romantic phone call during any of the many meteor showers that happen during the year. This way, you can wish on shooting stars together!

3. Never Miss a Holiday or Important Date with a Global Calendar

The calendar tools on Time and Date make keeping up with important dates a snap. Not only can you see accurate calendars for this year and next, but you can create your own personal calendars with the site’s Calendar Creator. The calendar can be customized in a host of different ways, and you can add and track your own events. You can even print them out or send PDFs to your partner, so he or she doesn’t forget important dates.

Screenshot of Time and Date's holidays page

Couples can celebrate together with information on important international holidays.

Another fun addition under Time and Date’s calendar section is the holidays tools, which provide information about upcoming events. You can even check out holidays worldwide so you or your boo can keep up with local customs and celebrations you won’t want to miss like Night of Destiny in Bangladesh or All Souls’ Day in Peru. Of course, the calendar helps you keep track of your important relationship events, like anniversaries and birthdays, as well as special personal events like First Kiss and First Time We Made Pancakes Together, which, if they aren’t already, should be US national holidays.

Regardless of Proximity, Enjoy Fun & Games Together for Free

Sometimes the geographical distance between couples can bring you down. Luckily, Time and Date has a remedy to help curb loneliness. The site’s Free Fun section gives you and your special someone things to giggle over.

Couples can look over fun holidays and make a date for Thesaurus Day on Jan. 18 by saying “I love you” in new and different ways. If you’re feeling a little feisty, you can convince your lover to participate in Work Naked Day on Feb. 1, and be sure to schedule a few video conference calls to keep each other accountable.

Screenshot of Time and Date articles

Quirky articles and fun games provide long-distance couples with great conversation starters.

If you’re looking forward to some in-person togetherness soon, you can literally count down the minutes with Time and Date’s Countdown Timer. It’s a romantic way to say “I can’t wait to see you.” The site also posts quirky articles on dates — one shows the mathematics behind calculating Doomsday dates (think 12/12/12), another provides facts about Friday the 13th, and yet another informs readers on the best apocalypses in history. These features are bound to start some interesting conversations.

Maintain Close Relationships No Matter How Far Away You Are

Of the estimated 14 million people in long-distance relationships, the ones who communicate effectively have the best shot at staying together. Keeping your hearts and minds close while you’re far away is a challenge, but thankfully it’s worth it. If anything, the distance brings out your creative sides and helps you appreciate the time you have together a bit more.

Time and Date gives remote couples tools that can help them maintain connections and grow their relationships. With information on time zones, holidays, and local weather, couples can stay informed on what’s happening in their significant other’s locale.

Maybe most importantly, Time and Date will make sure you don’t miss your anniversary — something all couples can forget!