Tired Of Dating The Wrong Guys Follow These 3 Shortcuts

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Tired of Dating the Wrong Guys? Follow These 3 Shortcuts

Susie & Otto Collins
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Are you tired of dating men who are completely NOT right for you? They may be jerks who only want no-strings-attached sex.

Or the guys you attract could be very nice guys…just not a match for you: The hardcore sports fan when you can’t stand sports. The sweet but insecure one you can hardly stand to be around. The macho man who’s constantly trying to prove how much he can bench press.

It’s wonderful there are so many unique people in the world. You’d just like to meet and create a relationship with someone who is interesting, attractive and shares some of your interests and values.

After the dates you’ve been on and the relationships you’ve had in the past, this is starting to seem impossible!

Want to know how to quickly and easily attract the kind of guy you REALLY want to date?

First, stop telling yourself it’s impossible, and then try these shortcuts:

1. Know what you’re looking for.

If you’ve had enough disappointing dating experiences to last a lifetime, that’s a good thing. It’s valuable to know what you do not want.

Sift through your past dating disasters and pay attention to the patterns. Use this research to get clearer about what you DO want.

It’s important to stay open and not reject a potential date just because he doesn’t look like your ideal guy, but do spend some time thinking about what you appreciate, admire and find attractive.


“The more you enjoy the process, the

more success you’ll have with love.”

2. Know you deserve what you want.

You may tell yourself you are attractive and a “great catch,” but do you really believe it?

Low self-esteem or insecurity can come through in some strange ways, but it does come through.

The way you talk, walk, hold your body and how you let others treat you indicates how much (or little) you believe you deserve to have a great date and relationship.

Develop healthy self-esteem and value who you are — let your awesomeness shine!

3. Make feeling great your top priority.

The ultimate shortcut when attracting a match is to ask yourself this: “Am I having fun?”

Don’t overthink it. When you’re interacting with someone, check in with yourself to see if you feel good and are enjoying yourself.

If you are, then keep talking, dancing or whatever you two are doing together and see where it leads.

The more you can enjoy the process, the more success you’ll have with attracting love.

Readers, which shortcut do you find most helpful? What shortcuts would you take to have more great dates?

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