Travbuddy Unites Globetrotters Seeking Life Changing Journeys

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Satisfy Your Wanderlust: TravBuddy™ Unites Globetrotters Seeking Life-Changing Journeys

Adam West
Adam West Posted:

The Short Version: The world is continuously becoming smaller thanks to competitive travel deals, cheaper flights, and, of course, the internet. Exploring new cities and cultures is easier than ever, and it can lead to many once-in-a-lifetime experiences with other like-minded voyagers. TravBuddy is a site that unites travelers who are visiting just about every destination on this earth. Using a social media-esque platform made up of forums, blogs, photos, and reviews, TravBuddy allows users to share their plans and meet up with those who have similar itineraries, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Traveling is one of the most enriching pastimes in the world, and how a person travels — where they like to go and what they like to eat, see, and do — can tell you a lot about them.

For example, there are people who gravitate more toward five-star resorts in the south of France than they do little beach shacks on Koh Samui, Thailand. Then there are travelers who tend to enjoy organized tours, packaged group safaris, and perhaps the occasional cruise. By the same token, there are plenty of adrenaline junkies who yearn for whitewater rafting through Victoria Falls, zip lining around the Costa Rican rainforest, and surfing giant waves in Uluwatu, Bali.

This is one of the many reasons David and Eric Bjorndahl started TravBuddy — a site dedicated to “people who love to explore the world around them” and who want to connect with others who have the same passion.

Photo of the Grand Canyon

From the Grand Canyon to Grand Cayman, TravBuddy ensures you never have to travel alone.

Not only does TravBuddy provide a variety of search options to help you find fellow travelers visiting the same destinations, but the site also gives you access to useful blog posts, forums, and photos to make the planning even easier.

TravBuddy wants people who have a taste for adventure to be able to explore the world and encourages to do so with others, leading to lasting connections, friendships, and, potentially, even romance.

Enhance Your Trip By Meeting Same-Destination Travelers and Locals

TravBuddy has numerous search features that allow you to find travelers who are visiting the same locals, who have similar interests, or who live in specific destinations you’ve been wanting to see. But first you’ll need to register to contact them. This ensures that everyone is in a safe and fun environment and is adhering to the site’s guidelines.

There’s also a vouch system in place, which lets each user leave up to one negative vouch for anyone who they feel has violated the rules. A vouch is based solely on a member’s personal perception of their interactions with another member. Those who’ve received a negative vouch have the opportunity to respond publically as well.

To engage with users in other ways, TraveBuddy offers a forum where you can have general travel discussions or talk about specific topics like what gear to bring or how to set up an unofficial meetup.

Know Before You Go: Resources to Research Your Next Trip

Via TravBuddy’s World Travel Guide, you can browse a library of locales, member blog posts, and moderated forums — as well as find hotels with reviews from the community and links to the best rates.

Screenshot of the TravBuddy World Travel Guide

The TravBuddy World Travel Guide helps people find the next stop on their globetrot.

The site as a whole is loaded with valuable information on destinations both big and small, and personalized accounts of member experiences are always available.

Share Your Experiences and Advice With a Community of Jet Setters

One of the quickest ways to get to know TravBuddy members is by remaining active on the site. Share photos from your own trips, start your own blog, review hotels, restaurants, cities, and landmarks, and comment on the posts of other members.

Users who post 500 or more photos and receive enough virtual smiles have the opportunity to win awards, which places them higher in member feeds and makes them easier to connect with.

Screenshot of a TravBuddy user blog

TravBuddy gives users a public forum to talk about their experiences while traveling abroad.

Not only is being active a way to tell people your travel stories, but it’s also a way to start a conversation, discover buddies to vacation with, and establish relationships of all kinds in general.

Expand Your Horizons Without Going It Alone Through TravBuddy

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and doing so with others opens up opportunities to explore places we might never have explored, getting us out of our comfort zones.

Photo of Prague Castle

Prague Castle is just one of the locations you can find out more on through the TravBuddy community.

With forums, blog posts, reviews, and comprehensive search features, TravBuddy has successfully formed a growing community of like-minded adventure seekers who can see the world and create lasting memories together. Here’s to shared experiences and true connection — from El Salvador, to Prague, to Cambodia!