Utrip Helps Couples Plan Ideal Getaways With Personalized Travel Resources

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Utrip’s Personalized Itineraries and Comprehensive Travel Resources Help Couples Plan Ideal Getaways

Sean Garrity
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The Short Version: Studies show couples who travel together enjoy greater intimacy and are more likely to form lasting bonds. And, if you’re looking for inspiration for your next romantic getaway, the intuitive online travel planner Utrip can help map it out. Launched in 2012 as a way to give globetrotters insights into cities around the world, Utrip marries the direct knowledge of local experts with powerful artificial intelligence to create personalized itineraries that turn into exciting journeys. Whether you’re seeking a custom-built travel plan or simply want to follow a pre-designed vacation blueprint crafted by authorities on your chosen destination, Utrip ensures you and your partner will experience the best a far away city has to offer while bringing you closer together.

The polls are in — couples who travel together stay together. In fact, 63% of couples claim sharing adventures have helped cement their bonds. This is likely due to the close proximity travel necessitates, requiring couples to foster better communication and strive for common goals.

According to the US Travel Association, jet-setting couples are more romantic, spend more quality time with each other, and have better sex lives than their sedentary counterparts. If you and your partner want to enjoy the benefits navigating the globe can bring to your relationship, the online travel planning tool Utrip can help draw up the perfect getaway.

Collage of the Utrip logo, Eiffel Tower, NYC skyline, and Seattle Space Needle

With Utrip, couples can plan customized getaways based on local knowledge and personal preferences.

By using Utrip’s unique trip customizer, couples can build personalized itineraries from the ground up that direct them to specific points of interest at their chosen destination. These recommended attractions and activities are not just a random collection of things to do. Rather, they’re selected from a storehouse of local knowledge and sorted based on your preferences.

With Utrip, couples can plan a complete city experience, down to the day-to-day details, with just a few clicks of the mouse. For those who want to leave their adventure completely up to the area experts, Utrip provides pre-designed travel plans created by locals who have keen insight into everything a city has to offer. It’s a unique take on mapping out vacations — one that removes the guesswork from planning so couples can focus on enjoying a destination and each other.

Launched as a Way to Get to Know a City Through the Eyes of Locals

When Gilad Berenstein started Utrip, he did so with the guiding belief that “travel should always be personal.” Gilad came up with the idea for the online travel tool on one of his jaunts to Europe.

While he had a fantastic time overall, he hit a few small bumps along the way. When planning his trip, Gilad used the tools most people commonly do: travel guides, blogs, top 10 lists, and various travel websites. He found that, sometimes, the information was outdated; other times, the advice he took left him in a hotel far away from the attractions he planned to visit. This all resulted in lost time and a failure to really experience the idiosyncrasies of the destinations he was visiting.

For 18 months, he talked to other travelers about how they planned and executed their trips. As it turned out, these travelers were having the same issues he was. That’s when he decided to partner with some psychology professors from the University of Washington to find out how people made these decisions. He then took this knowledge to professionals in the artificial intelligence space and was able to roll up his sleeves and create Utrip.

Gilad Berenstein, Utrip’s CEO and Founder, told us key relationships in the travel industry are a big part of Utrip’s success.

“These are the experts who know cities and destinations the best,” he said. “We rely on their expertise to give us the lowdown on these destinations.”

According to Gilad, by combining the power of artificial intelligence with human experience, Utrip has created a way for travelers to find a personalized travel itinerary that takes into consideration their interests and budgets.

Utrip considers preferences, interests, finances, and geography and includes everything you need for the perfect trip — from lodging to attractions and maps. The tool also lays out your entire day-by-day itinerary, so there’s no guessing where to go or what to do.

Experience the World on Your Own Terms Through Customized Trips

Instead of spending hours planning your next getaway, Utrip’s personalized itinerary creator can help you map it out in just minutes. The tool helps couples (and singles, too) plan trips that center around their interests to make vacations uniquely theirs. It couldn’t be easier — just go to the website, enter your destination, and click Personalize My Trip.

From there, the fun begins. Adventurers can choose from the six available traveler profiles. Say you’re hankering to take your honey to Portland, Oregon, for the first time. Choose the First Timer travel profile and adjust your budget and pace preferences to match what you can afford and at what speed you’d like to see the sights. You can also refine your profile by adding interests, including history, adventure, cuisine, and art, to name a few. All that’s left is to provide your travel dates and click Explore.

Your day-by-day itinerary will then pop up and take you through the best Portland has to offer in a sequence that makes sense. A trip might begin at Stumptown Coffee Roasters to fill up on some pastries and much-needed java before heading to Powell’s Bookstore for a little time with a lot of books. After that, you can head over to Little Bird for some lunch followed by a visit to the Portland Art Museum. Of course, you’ll have to check out Voodoo Doughnuts for some of the craftiest confectioneries in town. Your day ends with dinner at Chesa and drinks at Horse Brass Pub. This is just day one, and you’re already practically a local.

Gilad told us Utrip also gets smarter with every trip you book.

“The more and more you interact with it, the smarter it becomes,” he said. “It learns from every interaction and then improves its offering to that user.”

This way, when you return, the system will know if you’re a foodie and adjust the settings accordingly.

Be Inspired by Area Experts Who Know What a Destination Can Offer

While knowing where you want to go can be easy, figuring out how to best optimize your trip to enjoy a city can be another story. That’s why Utrip has itineraries created by local experts in art, cuisine, and history, among other topics that can provide inspiration for couples looking to visit a given destination. These individuals give you an excellent idea of what to see, what to save for next time, and share the secrets of some of the hidden jewels you may not have heard about in a travel guide or blog.

Collage of Utrip local experts

Utrip draws from a large pool of expert advice to direct adventurers to the best locations in a city.

If you’re planning your honeymoon or just a weekend out of town with your someone special, Artisan Romance in Florence may be the itinerary for you. The Renaissance city has everything to get your hearts thumping as you enjoy Italian art, have wine tasting after wine tasting, and visit the most loved trattorias with your amor. Cultural connoisseurs can visit the David and works by Botticelli, da Vinci, and Caravaggio at Galleria Degli Uffizi. Then they can head to the Principe Corsini, one of the best Tuscan wineries in the region, for a little vino. This itinerary lets you revel in the mouth-watering food from the many rooftop restaurants in this little slice of heaven.

Another excellent place to find information for all things trip-related is Utrip’s blog. Whether you’re looking to party it up in Ibiza or plan a fun, sober vacation, the blog has content to help you plan a memorable trip.

There are several options to choose from to save money, stay safe, and uncover local favorites. For those who like a little bit of a tipple with a side of competition, The Ultimate European Drinking Game Guide is a must-read, featuring five great drinking games, including the crowd favorite “Cheers, Governor.”

If you’re looking to save a few bucks to spring for that Champagne on your last night, Utrip offers quick tips for saving on travel that are sure to help you find a few effortless ways to keep more coins in your pocket. The site’s resources will help make your vacation one you’ll never forget.

Utrip: Committed to Delivering Travelers the Best Adventures

Going forward, Utrip has plans to deliver even better vacation-planning services to its users. According to Gilad, this will involve making tweaks and improvements to the site’s interface and continuing to cultivate relationships with travel experts around the globe.

“We’re constantly working on and developing our product,” Gilad said. “In the future, we will certainly have more refinement. We have plans in our product roadmap to continue to even further optimize the experience for our users.”

So, if you’re looking to reinforce your bond with your partner and become a part of the positive statistics of successful traveling couples, custom-build your next holiday with Utrip. It’ll be an adventure uniquely crafted to help strengthen your relationship.