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Vixen Daily™ Offers the Modern Woman an Online Guide to Love, Beauty, Fitness & Other Essential Topics

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The Short Version: Tired of reading the typical cookie-cutter advice on the web? So is Vixen Daily! This industrious media outlet was founded to provide women with relevant and accurate content about relationships, love, beauty, success, fitness, and other issues that impact daily life. The clickable headlines and shrewd quizzes are full of interesting insights into attracting a man, reading signals, staying healthy, and finding success in just about any area. You can peruse the site’s Love section for advice on how to navigate dating, relationships, and breakups like a pro. Publishing new content every weekday, Vixen Daily brings a fresh take and valuable guidance to issues affecting women’s personal lives.

I love taking the quizzes that crop up in my newsfeed online. What Disney villain am I? Scar. Which decade do I belong in? The ’60s. Clearly I’m a tree-hugging hippy who’s always prepared. It’s not just fun to fill out quizzes — answering personal questions about your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses can be a helpful and introspective experience. The best online quizzes offer a window into how we feel and who we are.

Screenshot of Vixen Daily's quizzes

Vixen Daily’s love quizzes can help you put your own relationship to the test.

Are you cynical? Are you in love? Are you unhappy? Vixen Daily quizzes delve into such important topics as a way of helping women better understand themselves and improve their lives in instrumental ways.

Vixen Daily aims to make quizzes that can practically read the minds of the test-taker and give accurate results that cut to the core of who someone is. Based on its quiz results, the website delivers customized feedback about dating choices, emotional issues, beauty products, and a range of other personal matters.

Written by top lifestyle experts, Vixen Daily’s articles cover all aspects of love, diet, fitness, beauty, inspiration, and success. The website is a hub of information for everyday women.

“We want real, targeted, effective advice to get to the women who need it most,” said Ian M. of Vixen Daily. “Whether that’s to do with weight loss, beauty tips, or relationship advice, we want to give the women who read our site the best possible information to solve the real problems that they face every day.”

The website’s dedication to providing authoritative content has led to skyrocketing popularity with over 100,000 Facebook followers and a growing online readership visiting Vixen Daily for informative entertainment.

A Thoughtful Team Writes No-Nonsense Advice in Daily Posts

According to Vixen Daily’s official mission statement, “Our goal is to engage with our audience in a sincere and meaningful way, and together create a community of shared positive expectations and encouragement.” The team seeks to guide women through dating challenges, dieting efforts, and other daily issues. Many articles empower readers to take control of their own lives in practical ways.

“We’re all united in service to that mission,” Ian said. “Writers, like Nick Bastion and Rebecca Mercy, make it their priority to pump out amazing dating advice and informative, insightful articles that actually aim to solve problems.”

Going beyond just dating, skilled and knowledgeable writers, including Alex Adams, Dr. Jennifer Lamoureaux, and Dr. Rajiv M. Mallipudi, keep readers abreast of the latest health discoveries. The Diet and Fitness sections give readers a good idea of what to eat and how to exercise to stay slim and meet their health goals.

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On Vixen Daily, women can take quizzes, learn about love, and find inspiration to improve their lives.

Vixen Daily publishes one article every weekday, giving readers a steady stream of information, quizzes, and content to follow. By taking an in-depth approach to writing, the team raises the caliber of web content for everyday women.

The topics explored on Vixen Daily can vary widely from week to week. “Our writers choose topics based on the problems and issues that are nearest and dearest to their hearts,” Ian said. They cover everything from the best moisturizers for any skin type to how to get your ex back in five steps.

The Love Section’s Most Popular Articles Offer Many Useful Insights

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, Vixen Daily’s Love section is a great place to get some savvy pointers about matters of the heart. The female-friendly website goes beyond generic advice to provide detailed assessments of particular dating situations and types of daters. Tailor-made quizzes help the team reach people in more personalized and engaging ways online.

“Our readers are almost all women, and come from all different age ranges,” Ian said. “We get a big draw from quizzes that provide targeted, accurate relationship advice (unique to the taker’s situation), and also from articles that answer specific questions.”

With no-nonsense dating advice on dealing with new love interests and old exes, Vixen Daily helps women find happiness in their love lives. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular and salient dating advice broken down by Vixen Daily’s expert team.

About Emotional Commitment

Vixen Daily has written at length about relationships and the reasons why they do or don’t work. One of the site’s most popular articles focuses on why a man won’t emotionally commit to a woman he’s seeing. According to this perceptive article, feelings of insecurity cause many men to withdraw in relationships.

“Wow, I’m glad I found this and read [it] through… this is something every woman should know.” — Sabina, a commenter on Vixen Daily

“The rule is to be exactly as committed to him as he is to you,” the article explains. “If he’s playing the game where he comes on strong and then pulls away, you have to let him pull away. You can’t chase after him — all that tells him is that he ‘won’ you.”

Dozens of women have commented that they found the article helpful in explaining why some men act the way they do. “Wow, this is something I really didn’t know about,” Michelle commented. “Thanks for the information you share.”

About Loss of Interest

Sometimes people fall out of love or like with one another, but it’s not always easy to tell if that’s what’s happening in your relationship. If you’re getting a weird vibe from a boyfriend, Vixen Daily offers daters some clarity on the situation. The site has compiled 10 signs a guy isn’t interested in you anymore to support women wondering where those fuzzy first-date feelings went.

By pointing out clues, like flakiness or closed-off body language, Vixen Daily can help you read the signs and figure out if a guy has lost interest so you can move on to greener pastures.

About Relationships

On Vixen Daily, girlfriends can learn how to approach relationships with confidence. The site offers pointed dating assistance in “11 Incredible Dating Tips That Will Change Your Life.” As the title indicates, the article has some striking insights on how to have a good experience in the modern dating scene.

The article includes overall dating attitude adjustment, like don’t take rejection personally, as well as specific tactics to meet someone, such as finding a date through someone you know. This advice is concise, clear, and helpful to anyone in the dating world.

Vixen Daily: Where Women Find Sincere, Personal & Helpful Content

Vixen Daily delivers down-to-earth and honest guidance about everything from losing weight to losing a boyfriend. The site’s in-depth articles and thought-provoking quizzes cover dating, relationships, health, success, and other topics central to daily life. Weekly posts inspire readers with concrete tips on living happier and healthier from day to day.

Photo of the Vixen Daily logo

Vixen Daily is jam-packed with positive and deep advice for everyday women.

Over the years, Vixen Daily has shown how fun online quizzes can serve to inform and advise people seeking clear answers. If you’re wondering how to tell if a guy likes you or if you’re compatible as a couple, Vixen Daily can clarify the situation with sage analysis on the dating world.

Going forward, the site’s dedicated team hopes to expand Vixen Daily’s reach and coach more women to make meaningful improvements in their everyday lives.

“Our goals for the future are first and foremost to continue providing targeted advice to help the women who really need it,” said Ian. “In service to that, we’re trying to boost our readership and grow as a company.”