Want To Meet Mr Right Make Him Laugh

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Want to Meet Mr. Right? Make Him Laugh

Susie & Otto Collins
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When you think about what’s required to attract an amazing love relationship, what words come to your mind? Is it “sex appeal,” “charm” or “allure”?

How about “goofball” or “hilarious?”

For anyone who’s ever considered what qualities are necessary to attract a partner, having a good sense of humor might not be among the first things you think of, and this is because most of us don’t associate love with levity.

We go all serious and focus in on what we HAVE to be, do or have in order to find our Mr. Right.

Isn’t it time to let your funny side show?

Common dating advice ranges from enticing make-up techniques and weight loss, to confidence boosters and warnings about how to spot a bad match.

What you don’t usually see in a dating article are hints for how to make him laugh.

This could be the missing piece of information that helps YOU find your perfect partner!

A recent Datingadvice.com study showed how important having a good sense of humor is when looking for love.

One in four respondents ranked humor as the most important quality a potential partner can have.


“When you stop trying so hard to

impress, being funny will come easily.”

Take dating less seriously.

It’s time to lighten up when you’re with those you’re dating or interested in. In fact, lighten up about the whole dating process!

Don’t make the mistake of approaching dating with a very serious and goal-oriented attitude.

There’s nothing wrong with understanding what you’re looking for and where you’re blocking love but…

Try to ease up and have fun, too.

Know what you want in a relationship and build healthy self-confidence and people skills. Let enjoyment be your guide.

Who have you met (or dated) that you find interesting and who makes you smile? How often do you laugh as you’re getting to know someone?

These signs will help you know who (and who not) to spend more time with and see what happens next.

Tap into your inner goofball.

Be courageous and give yourself permission to be as silly as is natural for you. Everybody has a unique sense of humor, so don’t force it.

When you let down your guard and stop trying so hard to impress or even turn on the one you’re with, being funny will come more easily to you.

And it will work wonders!

As you tap into your lighter and playful side, you’re going to have a better time and this helps you glow (making you hard to resist).

It will draw to you a partner who can appreciate your humor and love who you are.

Who says passion can’t also be fun?!

Ladies, are you naturally funny, or do you struggle in the jokes department? How are you going to lighten up and be your natural self?

Photo source: thedatingtruth.com.