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Would You Date Ryan Lochte?

Kara Pound
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. – You’ve won 11 Olympic medals, hold a slew of world records and you’re the second highest all-time individual medal winner in men’s swimming.

What do you do next? Star in a reality show of course.

Such is the background of “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” a dating show of sorts on E! that debuted in late April.

The series follows Lochte as he prepares for the 2016 Summer Olympics, creates a fashion line, makes media appearances and spends time with friends and family, as well as goes on a number of dates searching for a woman he can call “The One.”

While the concept of the show is nothing new or even that unique, it does beg the question:

Would you date Ryan Lochte?

Or would you date any small town celebrity? And if you would put your life and relationship in front of a film crew, what expectations would there be?

Manhattan native Emily Winsor, 30, said she thinks a date with Lochte would be something casual and fun but is concerned dating on TV would prevent real feelings from forming.

“For the first date, I would expect it to be something local, a place where he likes to hang out — low key, nothing too fancy,” Winsor said. “I think being filmed 24/7 would initially force your relationship to stay in the honeymoon stage.”


“Lochte is known for taking different girls

to the same restaurant for a first date.”

Katie Duggan, 35, of St. Augustine, Fla., said she would want a first date with a small town celebrity such as Lochte to be personal and private, like having him cook her dinner, but would be hesitant about being on camera.

“The camera would prevent candid interactions and create a facade,” she said. “It would be like you’re in a relationship with a lot more than two people.”

Is this in bad taste?

Lochte is known as a notorious party boy who calls his posse of friends the “Lochterage.” He is also known for taking different girls to the same restaurant for a first date.

Dan Condon, 41, of Boulder, Colo., said he’s actually done this before as a way to guarantee a fun date.

“I ask first dates if they have a favorite spot,” he said. “If they show no preference, I hit up my favorite spot where the staff knows me and where I know I’m comfortable and will have a good time even if the date is a snoozer.”

However, Winsor looks at it from a woman’s perspective and offers her own advice for Lochte.

“I would definitely not go to the same restaurant he takes all his other first dates. Doing that makes him look like a cad,” she said. “If he wants to go on a date, he should put some effort in. What should Ryan Lochte do? Mix it up, dude.”

What will Ryan Lochte do? Will he find true love? Stay tuned to find out.

Photo source: justjared.com.