Yelp Gives Couples New Ideas To Broaden Date Night Horizons

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Do Something Different: Yelp Gives Couples New Ideas to Broaden Date Night Horizons

Sean Garrity
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The Short Version: Not only is Yelp the leading name in finding a relaxing doggie spa for your pooch or the chessiest pizza in your city; it’s also a go-to resource for new and inventive date ideas. The reviews on the site are user-generated, which means a business’ ratings carry with them a credibility difficult to find elsewhere. Daters can access Yelp’s Find Your Friends feature and employ advanced sorting options to locate the businesses near them that have a high probability of making their outings fresh and enjoyable. Learn from your Yelp social circle or others like you if a new hot spot is worth the hype or if that old dive bar with a bluegrass band is more your speed. With more than 72 million users rating businesses and venues near you, Yelp can help make every date night memorable.

At some point, dating can get formulaic — the first date is drinks, the second date is dinner and movie, the third date is dinner again and maybe a walk in the park. You know soon enough you’ll trade in the new, trendy gastropub for the chain restaurant and then finally for the familiar romance death march of the couch, sweats, and Netflix. It happens to most of us, and it’s an oft-heard lament of many a dater when all outings seem to run together and consist of the same three activities.

The best dates are often those that stand out — like the first date at a karaoke bar where you can’t help but bond over the silent judging of someone’s Drake impression or the second date wine tasting where you swirled and swilled, getting gigglier by the glass. There’s a lot of pressure to create memorable experiences. Boring dates can be deal-breakers or make relationships seem mundane, so a little creativity can go a long way.

Photo of the Yelp logo and a couple on a date

Yelp provides an effective platform for people to find unique and exciting dating venues.

Luckily, Yelp is here to help you create the most unforgettable dates with ease. The widely popular online reviews platform helps people find local businesses and venues through word-of-mouth reviews complete with pictures, anecdotes, and star ratings.

Yelp’s success is no secret as a useful tool in the dating world. In fact, 84% of singles use the site to choose first date locations. Accessible from every device and available around the world, Yelp provides a fun, simple, and informed way an to plan new and interesting dates.

3 Effective Ways to Plan a Unique Date Experience

If you’re a couple who tends to get in a rut when choosing a date idea, or your mind is boggled over where to take that new special someone, you’re not alone. Whether it be a new restaurant, club, hiking trail, or sporting event, Yelp has the tools you need to mix it up.

Credible reviews from locals who patronize nearby businesses work to guide you and your date to the most highly rated venues. Couple that with Yelp’s Find Your Friends and area event finder, and they will quickly help you track down the dating hot spots in your community.

1. Reviews: Get Unbiased Glimpses Into Quality Venues

It’s a song as old as time. He says “What do you want to do tonight?” She replies “I don’t know. What do you want to do tonight?” And so it goes on and on until they wave the white flag, order pizza, and settle in for another installment of “Scandal.” With Yelp, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Local reviewers lead you to the places you can’t afford to miss and steer you away from those you should avoid. All daters have to do is log into Yelp and start browsing their city.

Screenshot of Yelp's reviews page

Yelp’s word-of-mouth reviews are credible and work to guide users to popular local date spots.

People wanting to try new dining options can search area restaurants for the ones that are top ranked. If a specific type of fare is on your mind, searches can be narrowed by, say, “BBQ restaurants” and, voila, the top 10 places for ribs and brisket appear in front of you.

Reviewers are able to give an establishment a star rating and add photos and stories. You can browse through these images and corresponding phrases like, “You have not lived life until you’ve eaten the pork ribs here,” and you’re immediately put into decision-making mode.

After a successful night at the BBQ pit, Yelp also holds the answers to burn off those calories. Clubs, dance halls, and the like can be searched as well. Reviewers in Austin, Texas, for example, guide readers to the area’s beloved music venues to spend time with their significant others.

When you have time to plan a special date, one of my favorite categories is Local Flavor, which gives a broad range of special events in your city. Whether you’re looking to hit a music festival or find a can’t-miss French market to walk around with crepes and cheeses, Yelp shows you the fun events in your city that can inspire a treasured moment with your date.

2. Find Your Friends: See What’s Popular in Your Social Circle

Everyone has that friend who knows all the hottest places and all the popular hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Yelp’s Find Your Friends feature, which allows users to follow their friends and read their reviews, is an effective way to track him or her down and see their every foodie move.

This is especially useful for those times when someone you know raved about a hidden gem, but you can’t remember its name. With Yelp, all you have to do is check your friends’ reviews to see if they rated that venue.

Photo of couple at a cafe and screenshot of the Yelp toolbar

Yelp’s Find Your Friends feature makes it easy to see the locales ranked high in your social circle.

Following friends gives you the ability to use the Similar Reviews dashboard button to compare ratings on common businesses to see if you have similar tastes or if a friend may not be the right influencer on your decision. This is an excellent way to determine which taste-makers in your social circle have their pulse on everything the city has to offer.

3. “The Local Yelp”: Stay Up to Date on Nearby Events

Users also garner consistent date inspiration with The Local Yelp feature. Simply sign up by inputting your email address.

The Local Yelp pumps weekly features and upcoming events in the city into your email. Each week has a different theme, and they’re all pretty quirky and fun. Mac Attack showcases the best mac and cheese in the city, while Roll Up a Fatty, Indy highlights burrito joints to frequent in Indianapolis.

A Platform Connecting People to Local Businesses for Over a Decade

Yelp launched in the U.S. in 2004 and went worldwide soon after. The reviews site is known as the “leading local guide for real word-of-mouth on everything from boutiques to mechanics to restaurants and dentists.”

The Yelp community is comprised of more than 72 million reviewers and has monthly unique visitors totaling over 77 million on the desktop version alone. While desktop is popular, mobile is responsible for 74% of Yelp’s search traffic and 60% of the content displayed on the site.

A graph showing Yelp's popularity

Yelp has been a popular destination for users to learn about local businesses for 10+ years.

Some of the most highly reviewed businesses are those that include a dating component, like restaurants at 18%, arts and events at 7%, and nightlife at 4%. While 4% of reviews may not sound like a lot, take into consideration that there are 115 million reviews on Yelp. The greatest majority of these ratings come from people in the tech-savvy, 18-to-34 age category, and 61% of reviewers have a college education. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see why Yelp is a trusted household name.

New Data Program Continues to Match Daters With Great Spots

The future holds big things for Yelp and their community of users. Their new Data Fusion Program is like boring-date insurance with a kick. Yelp is now integrating with other companies to data mine their information to make your life even easier and provide more sophisticated search options.

One example of this is Coffee Meets Bagel’s new Date Spot app. Their platform works with Yelp data to find first date spots based on price, ambiance, and noise level — an often overlooked first-date killer.

Another instance where Yelp’s Data Fusion Program helps comes in the form of actually getting you to and from the date location. Logitech integrates critical Yelp data with Zerotouch, a car phone holder with voice control, and takes your search information to get you to your destination in the safest way possible.

With Yelp’s integrations, credible reviews, and a host of other valuable features, you can say goodbye to old habits, like Netflixing on the couch with takeout, and embrace fun, engaging dates.