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YUMI KIM Designs Stylish Dresses for Unforgettable Moments

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: YUMI KIM creates limited collections of stunning dresses, skirts, and formal attire that elevate any special occasion. The company was founded by Kim Phan in 2004 and features styles inspired by the colorful and floral designs of the traditional Vietnamese garments of her childhood. A spokesperson for the brand, Emily Bloomfield, talked to us about YUMI KIM’s collections, founding story, and sustainability initiatives. YUMI KIM focuses on providing customers with high-quality clothing they can wear and enjoy many times over. 

I have spent tortuous hours trying to pick out an outfit for a date. Dressing myself is usually pretty simple, but the moment you throw a date into the equation, there is so much more to think about. What you wear on a first date makes a very important first impression. My usual approach is looking put together, but not too put together, and like I tried to look nice – but didn’t try too hard.

The best outfits for first dates – or any special occasion where a first impression matters – are ones that make you feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed. They also show off your unique personality and give glimpses of all the things that make you you. While getting dressed for important events can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be.

YUMI KIM makes colorful and elegant clothing perfect for dates, attending a wedding, or getting hitched yourself. Emily Bloomfield, spokesperson for YUMI KIM, talked to us about the brand and how its clothes can add a unique romantic touch to any date or event.

“We’re a female power brand,” Emily said. “We bring the ruffles and the florals, and it’s very inspired by the traditional Vietnamese wear our founder, Kim, knew from her mother and grandmother. The boutique started in Manhattan and has just blossomed from there.”

Online Shop With a Boutique Feel 

Emily said that YUMI KIM honors its start as a small boutique business. Founder Kim Phan moved to New York City in 2004 and opened a shop in Manhattan. Kim’s designs and patterns were inspired by Áo dài, which is the traditional Vietnamese attire that consists of a long silk tunic over silk pants.  

“Kim developed her namesake label, which is named after herself and her beloved Yorkie, Yumi, who was her companion when she first started the business,” Emily told us. As a brand, YUMI KIM is infused with the personal experiences and inspirations of its founder, and the end result is unique clothing items that are distinctly YUMI KIM.

YUMI KIM founder, kim phan
Kim first set up a boutique in Manhattan in 2004.

Emily told us sustainability has always been important to Kim and the rest of the YUMI KIM team. She told us about the company’s current initiatives and what it hopes to expand to in the future. “Since I joined the team in 2020, Kim is always looking for ways to make us more sustainable,” she told us.

Consumers are increasingly searching for high-quality, well-made products and are conscious of the toll that clothing production has on the environment. YUMI KIM focuses on producing fewer but higher-quality goods in limited runs, which allows for zero-waste garments.

In addition, YUMI KIM is partnered with OneTreePlanted.org. OneTreePlanted donates one tree for each sale YUMI KIM makes. The company has its sights set on expanding its sustainability initiatives, and Emily said the team is exploring more eco-conscious organizations to team up with in the future. 

From First Date to “I Do”

Emily said that dresses were YUMI KIM’s most popular offerings. The Dress Shop features the company’s ultimate dress collection, which includes styles for a variety of occasions. The shop features mini dresses, maxi dresses, and everything in between, all of which have been carefully designed to be both flattering and comfortable.

Flattering and comfortable are often at the top of the list for people looking for wedding guest dresses. You want to look nice for a loved one’s wedding, but the day tends to be long and filled with food, drink, and dancing — which means your outfit needs to be equal parts stylish, comfortable, and versatile. These two factors are also super important for daters who want to look their best while not sacrificing comfort.

frida and jax dresses from yumi kim
The Frida Dress and the Jax Dress are two popular options from YUMI KIM.

YUMI KIM’s maxi dresses encapsulate the brand’s hallmark floral and flowing look. The Frida Maxi Dress features long bishop sleeves and an array of blue, white, and pink fabric overlaid with a delicate pink, white, and yellow floral pattern. The V-shaped neckline meets at a comfortable elastic waist, which elegantly flows into a peasant skirt.

If maxi dresses aren’t your thing or if your occasion requires a slightly different look, YUMI KIM offers a wide selection of shorter dresses as well. The shop’s short dresses stay true to the feminine and flowery feel of the rest of the brand’s offerings. Take the Jax dress, for example, which features a ruffled skirt and spaghetti straps, complemented by a bold all-over pink and red floral print.

If you’re looking for a dress for your own wedding celebration, YUMI KIM has you covered. The shop makes bridal dresses that are perfect for receptions or rehearsal dinners. Many brides choose to mix up the dresses they wear between each part of the wedding, and YUMI KIM’s pieces combine out-of-the-box dress styles with distinctly bridal touches. 

Shop by Occasion to Find the Perfect Look

YUMI KIM is a popular choice for shoppers searching for looks for date nights and weddings, but their offerings don’t stop there. Emily said customers shop at YUMI KIM for a variety of special occasions, from Bar Mitzvahs to engagement photo shoots to baby showers.

Customers can browse different style categories to find dresses they like, or they can shop by occasion through YUMI KIM’s collections. The store has collections for weddings and vacations and even a selection of maternity and bump-friendly dresses.

yumi kim dresses
YUMI KIM offers beautiful dresses that are designed for romantic experiences.

YUMI KIM’s maternity dresses feature the brand’s beloved floral and delicate stylistic details while leaving plenty of room for a baby bump. The dresses are made with a flexible fabric that’s soft and easy to pull on and off. Even if you’re not pregnant, these dresses are a good pick if you’re looking for something super comfortable without giving up an ounce of style.

No matter what occasion you need a dress for, YUMI KIM has you covered. While the company may offer customers many of the perks that come along with a larger-scale operation, Emily said YUMI KIM remains a small business in mission and organization.

“Kim still runs everything herself, and we’re a small and dedicated team,” Emily said. “There are only four of us, and Kim touches everything within the business. We’re always interested in finding new and creative ways to reach new audiences and expand our reach.”