1st time drinking and meeting a guy HELP


1st time drinking and meeting a guy HELP

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    November 2, 2016 at 6:37 pm #116196
    1st time drinking and meeting a guy HELP

    PART 1:My friends went out drinking one night and I went with them. We went to a club and there I got drunk a little and before going home I met a guy. He was just talking to me, but I went in for a kiss. He wasn’t rude or nasty about it, but the club was closing, so we had to walk out. I held his hand and we walked out together. He didn’t seem to be interested in me tho. I got that vibe off him like I’m the clingy one. His friend came along and they were going home (?) and i had to look for my friend..And I felt really unconf like I really shouldn’t have even spoken to him. He was a decent guy, and this was my 1st night drinking and in a club, so i had no idea what to do? I said to them”you guys should go,Im ok. i’ll find my friend myself” and before he left,he said “give me a kiss” and like a fool, i did. not even a bye or see you etc A KISS?? I was really drunk and couldn’t control my thoughts/actions. Why would he say something like that..

    November 2, 2016 at 6:47 pm #116197

    PART 2: also before leaving, he gave me his number. I dialled straight away so he would save mine. So we both had our numbers. Still..i felt he didn’t like me. He probably saw me as an easy/cheap girl ;/ ANYHOW i got home, slept, and forgot about the night altogether. A day passed and he texted me “Hi it’s me bla bla bla”. 1st i couldn’t remember who it is. Then it hit me. Why would he text me?? what does he want?
    I replied, but I am not good at texting..so we had a v short talk. then he didn’t reply. I asked him something about his job, and it ended there. Just like that. So i dont get it…what was the point of texting me? All day I just felt like i should apologise for behaving that way that night. it wasn’t decent. I don’t blame him for thinking low of me, but i dont want to accidentally come across him one day and feel embarrassed. should i text him and say something…bc i feel i have a bad reputation with him anyways…I would want to be on good terms with him ;//