A friend, kinda lesbian, lol need some help.


A friend, kinda lesbian, lol need some help.

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    August 12, 2013 at 11:53 am #36958
    A friend, kinda lesbian, lol need some help.

    Ok if you are reading this, this will be long so I thank you if you decide to stick it out. I have been working at my job for about a year. A friend of mine started about 8 months ago. Her name is Karen. I have been single for about 4 years. I have had 2 almost girlfriends in the past 2 years, but they left and we stopped talking.

    When my friend started working, she was known to the whole staff as being a Lesbian. Ok hey no problem. I thought she seemed like an awesome girl, I am not one to judge I didn’t care. Over the past 6 months we have become the best of friends. She had a girlfriend when she started and she has been single for a few months now. She is 26, the girl she was with no lie on her Facebook page, she could be a model. I asked Karen why she ended with her and she was like because the girl is 21, she doesn’t work, she just wants to party all the time and just hang out and she is just too immature for me.

    Her birthday was in July. I bought her a necklace and had it engraved saying she makes me happy when she is around and she does. My cousin works at the job and she got me the job in the first place so her and Karen talk a lot. About 2 weeks before her birthday Karen was telling people at work and my cousin Jennifer you know Dave is a great guy and if I was to be straight and be with a guy it would be him.

    When her birthday hit a few other females at the job felt I over did it and told my cousin you know his Karen would never date him and the past 6 months she has been a lesbian, now all of a sudden she would date him. He is getting played. Mind you she makes more then me lol. She is a boss, and I have been used in my life, she has never gave off the use feeling. I catch a bus, she drives. I had to have my sister move in because of financial reasons, Karen has her own place etc etc.

    My cousin Jenn asked her, Karen look Dave is starting to like you know but when you say your now thinkig about dating him, is it serious or what? Karen was like no I am being serious. My birthday hit last week. Mind you I don’t drink often, but hey it’s my birthday. So I drank, had some Mike’s Hard Lemonades and a lot of vodka lol. Karen comes down and she brought her friend Justin. Long story is her license is gone temporarily and she is paying some fines and he had to drive her home. Plus she wanted to drink with me.

    She ends up having 2 beers. My family is here, we have a barbeque. Eventually me and her end up alone in the backyard. We have a fire and she sits on my lap and we are talking. Great talk, told her my feelings etc etc. She has told me the past 2 months she did date guys when she was a teenager, but it has been 10 years since she has. She says you really are the first guy I have thought about being with since then.

    Then she grabs my face and starts kissing me. She tells me happy birthday and smiles. She kisses me more and we stop. So on the way back inside the house, more kissing. Her friend Justin walked out on the porch real quick like hey ok sorry lol.
    She brings me into the kitchen and tells him just give me 5 minutes with Dave and I was laughing but she was serious. My room is in the basement, she just has me on top of the stairs more kissing but was like if he wasn’t here we would be having sex and I was like W T F! But she had to be at our job at 8 so she had to go.

    I have talked with all my family, my cousin and I am confused to say the least. Even her friend Justin wrote me on facebook, he was like man I have known this girl for 12 years, we go out drinking and to concerts, she has NEVER kissed a guy since I have known her. She really likes you and I was like yeah but was it the alcohol? And he’s like no we go out and drink and she has never done that before.

    At work the next day, I had the day off and I went to her. We talked for 30 mins. Was it the alcohol or did you mean it? She only had 2 beers and she was like no I meant it I wasn’t drunk. And she was like Dave you don’t understand what this means to me, I go out with people, I hang out with guys and hell I don’t even kiss random girls when I drink. I only kiss my gf’s, I’m not a hoe. She was like Dave you could barely walk lol I felt like I was taking advantage of you. I’m like honey you can’t rape the willing 🙂 But she comes down to saying I have a lot of thinking to do and I am very confused at this point and I want to take things day by day.

    Fair enough I think. Should I be pressuring the girl to date me? Even all my friends guy and girl and like man imagine what she is going through. She hasn’t touched a man in over a decade, you should feel frigging honored.

    Since then at work, she hugs me as always, we play fight, business as usual. Last night the drama hits a peek. Another co worker has been at this job for about 3 months. She said since day 1 the way me and Karen act she thought we were BF and F and didn’t believe Karen was gay because she was like the way she is with Dave I don’t believe it. Me and Tammy and my cousin Jenn walked home last night from work. Me and Tammy talk a fair amount. She has a scumbag BF and I am starting to love a almost kind lesbian lol. So we got back and forth.

    It comes down to her texting me saying I like you a lot and never told you because I thought you and Karen were a couple and I know you care about her now. I’m like OMFG! Thing is Tammy is very cute and she says I am a great guy, always there for her and wish she had a man in her life like me. So now I have very strong feelings towards Karen. But what do I do? I mean Tammy I would date. However it’s like uhh. Karen says she likes me, says more then a friend, I am the first guy she has kissed and has actually wanted to sleep with.

    Problem is she is “confused”. How long do I give her? I mean I don’t want to keep liking her and she stays “confused” forever right? I mean Tammy is mad like Dave I know you like her, but I am a girl and flat out, gay or not, man or woman, we know if we like you and want to be with you. She is telling me she feels like many others Karen is playing games. I have talked with my cousin and my brother about this and they are both like holy crap man lol. I mean I go from being single for 4 years to now 2 girls who kinda like me and I dunno what to do or think anymore.

    I am making this because sometimes third party advice helps a lot and I just I dunno anymore. Thank you reading.