A girl I like wants me to visit her across the world. I said yes but am now havi


A girl I like wants me to visit her across the world. I said yes but am now havi

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    December 6, 2016 at 11:34 am #119226
    A girl I like wants me to visit her across the world. I said yes but am now havi

    I met a girl at university a year ago. We hung out a lot. She introduced me to all of her girl friends, which I continue to hang out with very often to this day. I had a major crush on her which I tried to show but she didn’t seem to want to go more than friends. We mostly organized elaborate parties or went to parties with her girl friends.

    After university ended in April, she invited me to her parents cottage where I missed a clear opportunity with her. I screwed up royally because I was not sober at all. She made many hints she wanted me to make a move, which I couldn’t comprehend at the time because of my mental state. At one point we were each others arms, looking into each others eyes, about to kiss. Not even 5 minutes later, her sister was in a psychological breakdown. Next we were attacked by bears, had to remove most of our clothes to cross a lake to escape the bears. Il skip the details, but the situation got progressively much worse as the night went on. We were both left completely phased and broken after that. When I got home, I sent her a cringey message, saying I really liked her and I know I screwed up, but her reply didn’t show any reciprocative feelings. The next time we saw each other (after one month) she didn’t seem interested in me, making me very sad.

    The next month she left to go teach english in Thailand for 6-12 months. It has now been 3 months she has lived there. Recently she had been messaging me, asking me to come visit her. saying she wanted to “spend new years eve with someone she knew really well”. After the second or third time she asked me to come, I said sure and I booked a flight. We had also talked about going to a beach resort and when booking the room, she told me to “make sure to get 2 beds incase one of us pukes”. and at that point, I thought to myself: have I made a mistake? Does she want me to come as a friend? Am I setting myself for extreme disappointment ? Did she just ask me only because she knows I have enough money to travel on a whim? (I know none of her other friends could afford a $3,000 flight). Would a girl really make a guy come across the world like that?