About to give up on ever dating again…


About to give up on ever dating again…

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    July 7, 2013 at 6:27 pm #34861
    About to give up on ever dating again…

    Hi everyone,

    So here’s my story. I’m 33yo and for most of that time, I have been single. I’m not socially awkward or anything, as a matter of fact, out of my friends, I might be the one who gets along the easiest with people, have no problem speaking in front of crowds, play guitar and sing in a band but I am absolutely petrified when it comes to approaching women.
    I would even say that in the past 4 years, my only prolonged contact with the opposite sex has been hanging out with my friends’ girlfriends or the strip club…
    Which s where it gets even more frustrating because even though I’m the one who is always single, all my friends and their girlfriends come to me for relationship advice !
    And on top of all this, all my friends’ girlfriends tell me ” I don’t understand how you’re still single ! You’re a good looking guy, smart, nice, you would be an awesome boyfriend ! “. Except those are things you would find out after spending some time to know me…
    And hanging out with my friends girlfriends might be beneficial if they had other girlfriends I could hang out with too but that never happens !

    Anyway, I’m really desperate and lonely at this point. I would say it’s driving me mad and I’m about to give up on ever being with a woman again and resolve myself to a life of solitude with the only joy being when I play and sing on stage.
    I’ve always been the good guy and tried to do the right thing and I can confirm that nice guys never get laid but I just can’t be an asshole !
    I’m too broke to afford any of those “dating coaches” and really am at the end of my rope when it comes to meeting women.
    Is there something wrong with me other than my shyness towards women ? Who can I ask for help ?