Am I ghosting or being ghosted? What should I do?


Am I ghosting or being ghosted? What should I do?

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    February 1, 2016 at 4:41 am #92516
    Am I ghosting or being ghosted? What should I do?

    Hi Guys, so I met this guy in a New Year Party. He seems to remember more about what happened there than myself as I passed out (how embarrassing)
    I woke up and he was by my side. I got a bit scared and asked for explanation. He explained I passed out etc.. when I was calmer he asked for my number.
    He texted me on the next day and invited me for dinner. I have suggested Sunday and he neither accepted or rejected but on Sunday he asked what I was doing. I did not go out with him as I wasn’t super happy he could not confirm on Friday after asking me out.
    He disappeared for 1.5 weeks after that. Then suddenly sent me a msg asking me what I was doing. It was a Friday night and I was going to meet some friends and invited him to come along. He came along and we had an awesome fun time.
    Then he started to text me and invite me out pretty much every day, came to my house by surprise two days after and we had another awesome time.

    February 1, 2016 at 4:47 am #92517

    I asked why he disappeared before and he said his ex girlfriend of 4-5 years who he was living with has gone to her parents house to give him time to move out since he has broken up with her
    He invited me out for dinner and we went out. He took me to a super expensive restaurant and blew up over 500 dollars on me that night. Another awesome time (no sex only kiss)
    He kept texting everyday super sweet texts. He asked to see me again I was tired invited him to chill with me. He came over and we had another awesome time still no sex and no pressure on his end.
    He gave me an expensive gift – AUD 500 fan for my room – who does that?? Ok I accepted. My door knocked and it was my neighbour who I was dating before. He asked who the guy was and I told him it was the guy I was dating before him.
    He changed his behaviour and told me I could do whatever I wanted and should not stop anything because of him. I said I got it and he left home. Was a bit akward. Continue…

    February 1, 2016 at 9:05 am #92518

    I thought he would not text me after this but he did when he got home. Sent me a super sweet text, which I replied on the following day. Then he called me and asked me what I was doing, I said I would meet a friend and he said he would meet his brother but would like to see me after. I accepted.
    Then he texted me later on around 10pm saying he was still with his brother and would like to see me afterwards and asked me where I was.
    I got home around 11pm and told him I was home and already going to sleep so he should enjoy with his brother.
    He replying with ‘Nite cutie, speak soon… xx’
    And I never heard back from him (I have not initiated contact either)
    It is being a week now. Is he ghosting me? Am I ghosting him? What should I do?????
    (I am totally wanting to move things along with this guy – but this ex girlfriend story + sudden no contact does not feel right. I never been to his place or seen his car btw)