Am I over thinking of should I be worried


Am I over thinking of should I be worried

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    November 25, 2019 at 3:20 am #225717
    Am I over thinking of should I be worried

    Ok so I suffered a miscarriage last month the topic came up about trying again he says he doesn’t wanna try again and I assured him I understand some things that have been bothering me is he says (more than he should considering I’ve already told him I’m not leaving him) that if I leave him.for someone else to have a baby he understands….he also woke day and said he had a dream that me,him,and his ex wife where having a 3some and then quickly assured me he doesn’t want her… He also was apparently supposed was supposed to meet his ex wife at work to pick up a box of food and her husband supposedly texted pick up the food outside his work… well he comes home from work no box of food and it bothered me.. and I’m saying she could have texted him off her husband’s phone and deleted it.. Am I being paranoid or over thinking what do I do

    December 2, 2019 at 2:22 pm #225955

    There’s a lot of emotional hormone stuff going on with you right now due to the miscarriage.
    However I would NOT (ignore) the fact that on some level you don’t believe this relationship is on solid ground.

    “he says….if I leave him. for someone else to have a baby he understands…”
    “he had a dream that me him and his ex wife where having a 3some ”

    Neither of those statements are anything someone “in love” would say to their mate.
    I suspect this guy doesn’t want to marry you nor have children with you.
    He may (care) about you but he’s not “in love” with you.

    Sometimes guys settle into a “comfort zone” with a girl without having any “long-term” plans for her or the relationship.
    The miscarriage may have served as “wake up call” to admit to himself he doesn’t see (you) as being “the one”.
    On some level he may feel he dodged a bullet. Now he’s saying/doing things to get YOU to breakup with him.
    No guy wants to dump a woman right after having a miscarriage.