Any advice for this football player tomboy and her crush


Any advice for this football player tomboy and her crush

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    October 21, 2019 at 10:58 pm #223803
    Any advice for this football player tomboy and her crush

    I have a big crush on my teammate. I knew it’d be odd if I told a teammate I liked him so I kept it to myself until a few days ago when I told my friend on the team about my crush. My friend pushed me to tell my him when we were at our rivals game together but I couldn’t. On the way home my friend suggested we play pool at his house so we did for about an hour, I suck but I think he let me win 1 game. We left his house and I was about to drop him off but right before we got to his house he said he wanted to explore the creek and woods behind his job and then wanted to explore more things and we hung out until 1am exploring things and talking even though at 1 he said he was tired at 9. Before that we never really hung out outside of football. My friend decided to tell him I liked him so I texted my crush about my feelings and all he said was it’s a bad idea cuz we’re teammates, I thought he liked me but we haven’t talked in 3 days or at practice today, does he likes me? Any advice?