any help appreciated


any help appreciated

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    March 25, 2019 at 10:51 am #197563
    any help appreciated

    I am a 53 yr old female I have been with someone for just over 4 months now he is 63 about a month into our relationship he had got fairly sick flu, personal health issues, he is still dealing with some health things, so our intimacy has pretty much shut off we have pretty much spent every week-end together since meeting in November, Last week we had a talk as he had said he thought I wanted a living arrangement and he was feeling a little pressured the good thing is that he brought it up and we talked about we agreed looking for someone new was not on the menu so to speak. we both said too old for this dating crap This was last friday
    I am a pretty shy girl as far as being aggressive and approaching him always have been, I need some advice any input because this coming Friday I have to make a bold move. Just looking for any advice I can get.
    I cant believe im even writing this down but this guy is a good one and don’t want to lose the relationship if their is hope still

    March 25, 2019 at 1:56 pm #197578

    Montana1965, It’s not clear what your question is.
    “this coming Friday I have to make a bold move.” – What does that mean?

    Are you talking about initiating sex or suggesting you move in together?
    After 4 months of dating it’s not uncommon to engage in sex.
    If he is not making a pass at you there may be an erectile dysfunction or some other medical issue he hasn’t shared.

    Most people do not consider living together until after they’ve dated a year or more.
    By the way being a 53 year old woman isn’t considered “old” these days.
    Halle Berry is 52 and Sandra Bullock is 54.

    You said: “..this guy is a good one and don’t want to lose the relationship…”
    If he’s feeling “pressured” you want to move in with him; you may want to give him some space.
    That may entail removing any personal items you have at his place and only bring an overnight bag for your stays.
    You may also consider skipping a weekend of being together every now and then to be with your friends or family.