Anyone else experience this? (Post argument guilt/pain)


Anyone else experience this? (Post argument guilt/pain)

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    December 16, 2016 at 12:01 pm #120421
    Anyone else experience this? (Post argument guilt/pain)

    I have had this issue in every relationship I have ever had. I feel extremely guilty and sad and miserable after a fight. Even after the fight is over and we both apologize. It’s even worse if I feel I was the one in the wrong. Like if I do something wrong or make my boyfriend upset, I feel extreme guilty and anxiety that hinders my life and I become very depressed. If he wrongs me, I am quick to apologize and we both move on fairly quickly. The issue is when I feel guilty about what I did to him…. even though he says it’s okay and he forgives me and he moves on, I feel paralyzed. The sheer guilt I feel is overwhelming. Because I am depressed, he can tell I am not myself then he feels bad and our relationship suffers until I am able to “snap out” of it.
    How do I cope with this?? How do I feel better? Does anyone else suffer from this? I just wish I could accept his forgiveness and be happy!

    December 17, 2016 at 5:26 am #120487

    Its quite usual in every relationship.This reminds me of a quote saying “LOVE ISN’T WHEN THERE ARE NO FIGHTS IN THE RELATIONSHIP.LOVE IS WHEN ONCE THE FIGHT ENDS,LOVE IS STILL THERE”.I believe that fight makes the relationship stronger.In my opinion,its ok to fight but you should never fight for little things and u have to adjust sometimes.You should also make him feel that u r sorry for the pain that he went through.Even if u fight,u should make him feel that u love him so much.Whenever u feel depressed,think about the beautiful moments that u both spent together it would make u feel better.I believe your partner loves u so much and that’s why he forgives u and so u should also try to control the anger.Always believe in your relationship.I wish u both to have a cute relationship.