Are things are going in reverse


Are things are going in reverse

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    May 12, 2013 at 6:52 pm #31017
    Are things are going in reverse

    This is my first time here, so sorry if I make newbie mistakes, but need help with this girl. I will try to keep as short as possible.

    She’s a friend of friend, met her mutually over drinks, flirting and physical contact ensued, she was into me. Tailed off at end of night, due to atmosphere and other friends in the picture so we went separate ways. Month later, see her at an event and she pretty much latches on, we go drink pretty hard and heavy makeout and fondle, no sex. Exchange numbers. I played the text game pretty well IMO (Negs, time lapse, sexual flirting). Mid week date; bikes and beers, 4 hour ended with a decent kiss. She was legit busy as was I. A week and half later we link up, sat afternoon. I only text her like twice in that time period. I take her shooting, huge turn on for her. We continue playful sexual banter. She takes me to see her art at a local museum. Then we do apps and drinks. She comes back to my place around 7 and says she is tired, drank too much night before and is going home to sleep. She just picks up her purse and asks me to walk her to car. I tell her I’m not walking to car. She laughs, leaves then comes back. I repeat to her in not a mean but a joking and controlling way that I am not walking her to car. In that split decision, I was deciding that she wasn’t going to have control and I wasn’t happy about getting a cheap walk to car kiss after all that. So she leaves and its kind of a negative note to an otherwise good date. The deal is I don’t want a real relationship with her, I am also dating other women. I want to have her as an option and escalate this situation. I don’t know if she is into me or if I am getting friend zoned. My friend seems to think that its cause she wants a relationship not just a hook up. Note: she is very much like a guy in dating sense. She tells me she hates romantic movies and was turned off when other guys got clingy. I have initiated all contact, although really she initiated the first and second time we met in person. We’ve only text 4 times in two half weeks, short flirty and with a direction for a date so I don’t think its to much by any means

    My question is:
    Whats the next move? Ignore and wait for her? A week? Two weeks? Chalk up to a loss? Text her like nothing happened? Explain my disappointment? Follow up with her like it was a good date?

    November 15, 2014 at 10:06 pm #67622

    Youre trying to get this girl to fall for you when you just stated you dont want a girlfriend and are dating other women. Sounds like she sees through your crap. If a guy said that to me i probably wouldnt speak to him again either. Selfish asshole

    November 16, 2014 at 7:54 pm #67643

    If what she is looking for is a real relationship, while your aren’t, I personally think that your interests are not very aligned. The fact that you didn’t follow her to the car might have been a real good sign of your attentions to her. Had you followed her to the car, that would have been a sign that you were interested in something more than just sleeping with her. Sorry for not answering your questions, but I think you should focus on someone with the same interests as you..