Ask TA out


Ask TA out

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    March 12, 2020 at 2:50 pm #231433
    Ask TA out

    So, my TA and I have been flirting. But not explicitly.
    Today when I got my final papers, I said that I didn’t want him
    To be my TA anymore and we laughed.. I didn’t say the reason why, but I made sure it had nothing to do
    With his teaching skills. And he said he knew that but wasn’t sure what I meant. We laughed and I left
    Without saying it. I wanna send him a message on Instagram saying:

    “Ok so, I had to look you up on Instagram and it ended up that it’s too easy to find it. What I actually meant was that now that you are not my TA anymore you can ask me out if you want to. If this makes you too uncomfortable just pretend this never happened. I’ll probably regret my life when the nyquil effect wears off hahahaha”

    Is that a good idea?? We are friends, we hang out with the same people and exchange way too many looks.
    He’s always doing something to get my attention and impress me.

    March 13, 2020 at 9:16 am #231485

    “ TA and I have been flirting. But not explicitly.”
    “I said that I didn’t want him To be my TA anymore and we laughed..”
    “he said he knew that but wasn’t sure what I meant.”

    I suspect he really doesn’t know you are romantically interested in him.
    What you perceive as flirty may be nothing more than him being playful.

    You mentioned you’re friends and hang out with the same people.
    Have you ever asked any of them if he is already dating someone.
    Clearly he hasn’t attempted to pursue (you).

    If you really want to go out with the guy instead of giving him permission to ask you out you can ask him out.
    Most likely a “friend” wouldn’t turn you down unless they really had conflict on their schedule.
    Once you’re together {one on one} having lunch or cocktails you’ll know if there is any real chemistry.

    Whenever people don’t “explicitly flirt” there’s always room for misinterpretation.
    Usually if a guy is “into” a girl he makes it known by pursuing her.
    It sounds as if YOU don’t make a move on him nothing is going to happen.
    (He may not be interested in anything beyond friendship.)