Awkward First Dates


Awkward First Dates

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    June 20, 2017 at 5:26 pm #140128
    Awkward First Dates

    Whether you believe it or not, awkward first dates are not just because of the lack of physical attraction but significantly because of the lack of something interesting to talk about!

    I am so passionate about relationship and now that everything has been taken over by the internet and technology, I believe it’s also important that relationship experts and lovers (like me) delve a bit more into researches about online dating and things of such nature. I just want to know some things concerning “First dates” and how people would have handled them differently, things that stood out (good & bad) and the most unforgettable conversation topics that ensued.

    I want to know from your first (and/or subsequent) dating experiences with those you’ve met online especially (and offline too), what are the questions (conversations) that the other person asked that was super good, or the topics both of you really had a great chat on that stood out?

    July 8, 2017 at 11:59 pm #141414

    I’ve had terrible luck with online dating, despite having really great conversations most of the time, so I can’t comment on your hypothesis that it’s merely due to bad conversation over other aspects.

    The best conversations I have are when I meet someone who is on the same wave-length, if you will. I tend to be quiet, thoughtful, and enjoy deep conversations over shallow chit-chat and small talk, so when I find someone who can engage with me on that level, it doesn’t matter what we talk about.

    That’s just my experience, though. I’m sure everyone has different areas of difficulty when it comes to online dating and meeting for the first time.