Best friend's girlfriend issue


Best friend's girlfriend issue

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    August 31, 2015 at 5:13 am #84949
    Best friend's girlfriend issue

    I have a problem, I have a friend that I studied with him since 8th grade and become one of my best friends.
    When we were 19-20, one girl came to our group of friends and got our attention (me and my friend).
    We got in a little fight but I let him to take her, they are still together for 2.5 years, when they were half a year together we got very close and became best friends until today.
    Two weeks ago I got thinking about her little more then normal, and she’s the ideal girl for me very attractive specially for me, smart, beautiful eyes, wifey material.
    and she always compliment me about the way I live and how she loves how I look and dress and my sense of humor and how different I am from her boyfriend and I can see she turned on and not doing nothing, when we go shopping together alone we always got in touch with our hands and always I protect here and make her feel like a lady and I’m her men, and she loves it and not complaining or talking about it and mention that her boyfrien

    August 31, 2015 at 5:15 am #84950

    They text got cut off..

    mention that her boyfriend his my best friend.
    Once we went in shoes shop, they got an attractive girl that works in there, I said to “my girl” she’s beautiful and she said to me “but you got problem.. When we go together people think that we’re a couple”
    And she’s is right people always got their attention on us everywhere even when we’re going together to a restaurant alone and the restaurant know my group of friends very good and her boyfriend they are still think that me and her are together.
    I have example from today I help her bought a car and always fixing her car or taking care of it like a real husband!
    I’ve fixing few things and she asked me “if the cops… Bla.. Bla.. Bla..”
    I said to her “tell them that I don’t know sh*t about the car my boyfriend taking care of it, I’m only driving, when I have problem his getting in the story״
    When I said to her “my boyfriend” she knows that I’m talking about my self and she said “but it kinda true haha”.

    August 31, 2015 at 8:40 am #84951

    Her mom and best girlfriends told her after I was helping and taking care of her in the same words “In the end you will marry him” and she told me that every time somebody say it to her.
    Their are few times she got a call from her boyfriend when we are together and she was saying “him again he won’t let me breath.”
    Their relationship is not the best and got fights a lot, once I remember she said “I wish that he was like you”
    That’s my story I got messed up and I’m thinking of waiting for her,
    I know men’s have their brotherhood and never takes the ex, I don’t believe in that I believe people are can able to choose the person they want to be with no matter what connection they have.
    We do you guys think?

    Im sorry for the long story and the tripled comment

    August 31, 2015 at 3:51 pm #84971

    i have the same issu