BF of 2 yrs- Never goes the extra mile with family


BF of 2 yrs- Never goes the extra mile with family

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    September 7, 2016 at 9:11 pm #110760
    BF of 2 yrs- Never goes the extra mile with family

    I love my boyfriend of 2 years, but i have two major problems. 1) I am family oriented and he just hasn’t seemed to click with my family. They are very outgoing and friendly, and he is just very introverted and shy. At first, they understood he was shy and were giving him chances to warm up, now that its been two years and he is still awkward and shy despite their efforts, they are starting to question him. It doesnt make me change how i view him personally, but it does make me question our future, he says he’s working on it, but it has been the same since day 1, how can i approach this with him to let him know my family is beginning to worry without making him more awkward, and how can i come to my boyfriends defense without my family feeling like im covering up or making excuses for him. He comes from a different family, they arent close and dont talk much, which ive explained to my family but they just dont get it. I ran out of room, so ill have to post the 2nd issue later.