Boyfriend.His kid.His ex.- I need wisdom


Boyfriend.His kid.His ex.- I need wisdom

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    October 1, 2014 at 5:58 pm #65191
    Boyfriend.His kid.His ex.- I need wisdom

    My bf and I have been dating for a few months,he has a kid.-As someone who’s childless,I have a lot questions -and although he encourages me talk to him,every time I do :I regret it. The last time I told him I was nervous about meeting her ( ex: What if she doesn’t like me?) – he only replies things like ”My kid cries occasionally because her mother and I are not together ‘( She’s 5, they’ve been separated for 3 yrs,I’m his 1st girlfriend since/and the mom has been with her bf for 2 yrs…wtf).And in the end,he winds up being sad after talking,and leaves me even more paranoid since,I haven’t been reassured at all.
    I’m also afraid of mamadrama.My bf, his ex and her bf are all recent immigrants from the USSR.The mom seems to be the conservative type,who takes gender roles very seriously ( ex :Gets upset if my bf buys his daughter a batman cup…because its for boys)..HA! ..i’m a local, i’m a welder and heavily tattooed.-I asked if his ex will instantly hate me and he laughs and shrugs