Butch vs. femme


Butch vs. femme

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    December 28, 2012 at 11:14 am #19643
    Butch vs. femme

    What’s the easiest way to NOT be classified as either butch or femme? My straight girlfriends love to see where I stand, whether I’m the “guy or girl” in my relationship. I dress moderately, I don’t wear LGBT tshirts nor have my hair in a buzz cut. I do however want people to know I am a gay girl. I’m proud of who I am but I don’t want to shove my point of view on others. Any advice?

    January 9, 2013 at 11:58 am #20267

    I say ignore these classifications and try to be yourself.

    But you “want people to know” you’re a gay girl? Why? Are you being teased and trying to make a point?

    I knew a girl, that for the longest, I thought was straight. She had a great smile, long blonde hair, dressed fairly preppy and I thought she was in a sorority. I didn’t know she was gay until she told me I shouldn’t try setting her up with a guy (haha, oops!) I was a bit shocked but after she posted more pictures about her life with her gf, it seemed so beautiful, I was happy she didn’t fall in either category.

    She seems very happy and doesn’t force her opinions on others, she simply lives her life like any other young lady would in this judgmental world.