Chatting with a guy from my hometown


Chatting with a guy from my hometown

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    January 4, 2018 at 2:57 pm #161538
    Chatting with a guy from my hometown

    this guy on Instagram I’ve texted to in Sept, he was nice & sometimes replied to my stories. We didn’t have long conversations tho bc he left me on read quite often. I took it as a “I’m not interested” so I left, I didn’t want to come off as needy. he reappeared back in Nov, we chatted a lil bit and things went the same as b4. One night I saw him around but didn’t talk to him. I later asked him on Insta if it was him, he replied and told me the following day he would’ve been at the same place if I felt like saying hello, I went there but didn’t manage to talk to him bc I had to go back home. After a week he texted me and we chatted for 3 days straight (never happened) he asked me out and I said yes but the following day he left me on read and didn’t Plan a date.I waited 3 days & then asked if he was serious about meeting and he said yes andhe was sorry but he didn’t have internet connection. Now I’m 100% sure he has wifi but he hasn’t texted me for a week now. What shall I do/think?