Choosing between the hot girl and the shy girl


Choosing between the hot girl and the shy girl

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    June 1, 2014 at 1:43 am #54180
    Choosing between the hot girl and the shy girl

    Okay, so I was at a party last night and I ran into these two girls. One was really hot and wild, the other one was really shy and okay looking (and super nice!). They’re both pretty popular in our circle of friends. The two girls like me (they both told me seperatly), and they’re down to date anytime. I just have to choose between the two but it’s harder than I thought it’d be.

    The hot girl was very fun and spontaneous. We made out with each other and had a blast! She could keep up a good conversation. But this shy girl… she was so nice, and so kind. She’s okay looking, but her personality makes her really cute. I felt like I really connected with her. The only issue with her is that she’s below average looking (not to be shallow), and my friends will make fun of me for dating the “ugly” girl.

    So any advice? I really don’t know what I want anymore. Do I either want a trophy girlfriend, or an actual partner… I really don’t know.

    June 1, 2014 at 5:02 pm #54183

    And that’s where you have to come to gripes and really ask yourself what exactly it is you want.

    If you just want a hit it and quit it, go for the “hot” girl. Your friends will be proud and you have something to show off on your shoulder.

    If you want to develop an intimate relationship, go after the shy girl.

    Aside from looks, are you even compatible with the “hot” girl? What are her characteristics? Do they align with yours? If you guys were to date, where do you two see yourself in five years?

    Who cares what your friends think. Your friends aren’t the ones who are going to be paying your bills, car insurance or arranging your marriage. Get that thought out of your head immediately.

    From what you wrote, you obviously have seemed to develop a more deep rooted connection with the shy girl. In the end, that’s probably your best bet IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP.