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    February 5, 2019 at 9:54 am #194206

    i have been dating a woman for 3 months. when we met she said she only wanted sex and she has never had emotions for a man. I said you haven’t met the right one, jokingly. she replied I have my work cut out.
    We sleep together weekly and the last 2 months she told me she has feelings for me and her barriers have dropped, I think a lot of her.
    Sex is amazing we both agreed we have had the best sex together. We have a good connection and we are so alike. She has a high profile job and busy.
    The problem is she has a controlling ex-boyfriend, they have a 9-year-old together and has split for 6 years.If she goes out weekends it has to be with her friends and he checks up on her. She is afraid of upsetting him as he won’t help with the son and he becomes abusive. We only sleep together weekly at her house at night then next week in a hotel. I asked when would we date she said it will happen as soon as she knows im staying around.
    Shes had a couple of boyfriends but with no emotion from her.

    February 7, 2019 at 9:44 pm #194452

    Hello Markva4

    I read your post and appreciate the complexity of this situation. However i need some more information to appropriately know how to provie you with pertinent feedback. Kindly explore the following with me.
    1. What is your age?
    2. What is your relationship history?
    3. It is clear that the sex is great but aside from that what are you attracted to in terms of personality, mental health, values, aspirations and goals, and anything else?
    4. How do you feel about her having a 9 year old child/ Boy of girl?
    5. how do you feel that she is very emotionally, and financially entangled with her ex?
    6. Why did you post? You did not clearly state what you were looking for help with. I do not think this was by accident!

    I look forward to your reply and providing you my feedback.
    Best Wishes