Confused about my attraction towards my ex


Confused about my attraction towards my ex

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    April 23, 2017 at 10:25 pm #134108
    Confused about my attraction towards my ex

    The best relationship I’ve ever had was during my sophomore year of highschool – despite how well it was going for the both of us I broke up with her after dating for about 9 months. It was only my second relationship so I felt that I needed to experience more, I only had one other relationship to compare to. I also felt I would eventually get over her and sate my curiosity for dating others. The thing that makes me an asshole the most is the fact that I have now dated others and realized how perfect she was for me in comparison. Its been exactly four years since the breakup and I cant stop thinking about her and about once a month (for the past four years) I have an extremely vivid dream about her. Its almost torturous, like having to ‘get over’ the same person again and again. I would love to reconnect with her even just as friends, but she has removed me on social media. The good news is she ended up going to the same college as me. How do I talk to her again, and what should I say?