Confused and nonplussed by a recent rejection…


Confused and nonplussed by a recent rejection…

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    April 9, 2017 at 2:01 pm #132666
    Confused and nonplussed by a recent rejection…

    Last December,in my local hockey shop I saw a stunning girl, beautiful, amazing figure, and the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. Imagine my surprise when next day, she turned up to my skate class as a fellow learner. I am not usually very outgoing with girls, but just had to get to know her, and so introduced myself.
    Over the next few weeks we chatted more, we skate together, and it turns out that we have a lot in common. I’ve never seen her with another guy, nor has she ever mentioned one. I also have a ten year old son, and she engages with and gets on with him great. I should also mention, I’m 45, and single, she is 30. Last week I told her she looked amazing, and she said I was sweet to say so. Two days later I asked her if she’d like to go to dinner, and she suddenly stated she has just kind started seeing someone, but dinner would be good sometime. Since then, she remains friendly, has bought the coffees after skating, and is downloading music I am into. Friendzoned or more?